Mixtape Monday by Kish

Hope your weekends were deplorable, here is another mixtape roundup for your listening pleasure. They’re all up for download, so eat it up.

 Knightlife – Cut Copy Tour Mix Part 3

This may be difficult to fathom, but there are two other mixes that precede this one – they are both excellent. No tracklist and I am no track id’er, soz but this mixtape is worth a listen and worth annoying your friend who is good at that shit. All in all, I can describe this mixtape in 3 words: Space disco motherfucker!

Best track? Someone please ID the opening track. It’s sooo so good.

♫ Mustang November ’11 Mixtape

This is a really cool mixtape. It starts off with an awesome vocal about saying lovely things in French. Then you have (what has become a standard mixtape track)  Niki & The Dove : Mother protect (GoldRoom Remix) which is no doubt better every time you hear it. Both the opening and closing tracks are from L’equipe Du Son – both stand out tracks.

Best track? L’equipe du son – Lesson 1

 Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session November 2011

Bass in ya face. So much groove, bass and funk in this mix as you would expect from Drop Out Orchestra. Just good Monday music really. There are a bunch of their own remixes and edits in the mix as you would expect. I’m just mostly impressed that they manage to do so many edits and remixes in such a short amount of time. Crazy!

Best track? Inspiro – Funky Spaces 

♫ Aeroplane – November 2011 Mix

The big one in the world of mixtapes was Aeroplane’s November 2011 Mix. Yes it is good. Yes it has Niki & The Dove : Mother protect (GoldRoom Remix) in it. Yes he is touring. He is going to be in Melbourne on December 16 at Roxanne Parlour. It is going to be amazing. If you want to go click here and you never know what could happen.

Best track? Mellophonia – Lunar Landscapes

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– Kish

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