‘Free Tunes’ Tuesday by Kish

I don’t think Free Tunes Tuesday will continue, but hey, today I have found a fat stash of awesome tracks that are being given away for free, so why not share?

SBTRKT – Hold On (Them Jeans) free download

I saw Them Jeans play in Melbourne a fair few months ago and he was pretty banging and so so tall. This mix is a great take on SBTRKT’s amazing sound (which has a crazy cult-like following). I made the mistake of ignoring SBTRKT for as long as I could because I thought ‘SBTRKT’ sounded like a dubstep producer. Yeah I know… mistakes.

Sandra – Maria Magdalena (Satin Jackets & Chris Jylkke Krautrock Edition) free download

So don’t let the first 5 seconds of this track throw you off – it almost did the same for me, but I have faith the Satin Jackets outfit (lol pun) and knew this would be a deep groover and I was correct.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love – Pscyhemagik Remix free download

So Psychemagik makes this remix er well, magical. The best way to describe this track is that it’s a dark 3am tune that you would find yourself singing along to – yes even the chopped vocals. I love the way it eases into the track, starting off slowly with the drum beat and delicately adding all the different elements of the track – it just builds like a dream. Hold out until 3:05 😉

Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim – Get Naked (Louis La Roche ‘Is It Summer Yet’ Remix) free download

Well yes Louis, it is Summer in Australia so come here… But this is a summery remix that turns this track into a stringy masterpiece. I just want to take off my clothes and dance on a beach drinking really aesthetically pleasing cocktails. Cannot fathom why this is free…


So that is the free tune roundup for today. Get on it and click the download button before they attempt to snatch back the gifts they offered us so tantalizingly.

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