Reviewing: Casino ‘La Vendetta’ EP by Kish
February 15, 2012, 12:13 PM
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Not sure how much attention you are paying to what I say, but as a general rule I expect you to remember everything ever mentioned on this blog ever. It’s kind of like watching a TV series, you’ll never get some of the jokes unless you watch every episode in order. Welcome to reading hell.

I am making the above point because I have posted about my lust for Casino before. They’re from Melbourne, they cool and they’re signed to Greenskeepers Music. I expect that sentence is more than enough to keep you around. They released their debut EP Jan 31st and this is what it sounds like…

Casino – La Vendetta  

Just as you expect a title track to be, amazing, on repeat and smoother than a shaved cat. With licks of italo throughout, this track has successfully meshed a sexy yet really really familiar bassline with everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, heartbreak. I’ve also heard whispers that the boys did the vocals themselves, and here I was racking my brain wondering if it was Jeppe (Classixx, The Magician fame) or Kim (The Presets). This is the song of my dreams.

Casino – White Water

Take me to a secret cave lodged behind a waterfall and find me where the disco is, because this is what I would be hearing. It sounds like lashes of liquid silver falling from the skies falling on an island full of tropical Brazillian models. When you hear the track you will understand that there is literally no other way of describing it.

Casino – Dreams and Dragons

I love songs with vocals because I am a girl and we love songs we can sing along to. Welcome back vocals. I think the thing that excites me so much about Casino is how they’ve combined original vocals with amazing lyrics with such well produced tracks – it’s almost too much. It’s like if Miranda Kerr dressed like Agyness Deyn

Casino – Echoes

So this is like White Water’s hot sister, but it doesn’t matter because they’re twins. Hot twins. It’s actually the perfect song to seduce someone with. It comes jam packed with 80s steeze, licks of guitar to put you in the right mood and this echoey (ha) flute laced over the top. Audible honey.

Casino – Flight To Nowhere

It is as if Casino came together and thought “hey let’s make 5 tracks, with amazing elements in each of them and take over the world by blowing people’s minds one at a time”. This track is some crazy italo, synthy, bassy dream. Get ready for the piano driven break down at 3:20 is all I have to say.


…. I usually find all EPs have weak points, but La Vendetta takes that weak point and steps on it’s face with some really fancy shoes on. I think the best way to describe this EP is to quote someone off Soundcloud “Going to break up with my gf and marry this EP“… now to find myself a girlfriend.

Le Verdict? 5/5 ★★★★★

Buy it here on Beatport



Mixtape Monday by Kish

Hope your weekends were deplorable, here is another mixtape roundup for your listening pleasure. They’re all up for download, so eat it up.

 Knightlife – Cut Copy Tour Mix Part 3

This may be difficult to fathom, but there are two other mixes that precede this one – they are both excellent. No tracklist and I am no track id’er, soz but this mixtape is worth a listen and worth annoying your friend who is good at that shit. All in all, I can describe this mixtape in 3 words: Space disco motherfucker!

Best track? Someone please ID the opening track. It’s sooo so good.

♫ Mustang November ’11 Mixtape

This is a really cool mixtape. It starts off with an awesome vocal about saying lovely things in French. Then you have (what has become a standard mixtape track)  Niki & The Dove : Mother protect (GoldRoom Remix) which is no doubt better every time you hear it. Both the opening and closing tracks are from L’equipe Du Son – both stand out tracks.

Best track? L’equipe du son – Lesson 1

 Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session November 2011

Bass in ya face. So much groove, bass and funk in this mix as you would expect from Drop Out Orchestra. Just good Monday music really. There are a bunch of their own remixes and edits in the mix as you would expect. I’m just mostly impressed that they manage to do so many edits and remixes in such a short amount of time. Crazy!

Best track? Inspiro – Funky Spaces 

♫ Aeroplane – November 2011 Mix

The big one in the world of mixtapes was Aeroplane’s November 2011 Mix. Yes it is good. Yes it has Niki & The Dove : Mother protect (GoldRoom Remix) in it. Yes he is touring. He is going to be in Melbourne on December 16 at Roxanne Parlour. It is going to be amazing. If you want to go click here and you never know what could happen.

Best track? Mellophonia – Lunar Landscapes

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– Kish

Française Disco by Kish
November 26, 2011, 5:08 PM
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If there is one thing I love, it’s the French. When teamed with disco however, it reaches a whole different level for me. It doesn’t even matter what they’re saying, all I know is, that it sounds pretty goddamn interesting. And who doesn’t want an excuse to sit in front of Google Translate translating “I like moustaches but beards are cooler” while pronouncing it poorly but feeling more cultured by the second. Here is a few that could come in handy.

Let me inject some culture into your life (plus these tracks are so good, you will want to make babies to them – minus the babies).

♫ Francois Feldman – Wally Boule Noire (download)
Translates to: Wally Black Ball
 All that scratching reminds me of Daft Punk, but moving along from it, you have lots of deep French man vocals with babin backup frenchettes. Not sure what they’re saying but I definitely heard “dope feelings” and “great dancing”. Just warning shit gets vocoder-real at 2:17.

♫ Weather Girls – Vacances J’oublie Tout (download)
Translates to: I Forget All Holidays
This song is just fat bass + suave Frenchmen speaking. In all honesty, when I think French Disco, I think sexy, breathy women whispering over an awesome disco track… but I guess l’homme was a little more popular in the 80s.

♫ Micky Milan  – Quand Tu Danses (download)
Translates to: When You Dance
Piano. Funk. Deep Frenchman vocal.

♫ Style  – Playboy En Detresse (download)
Translates to: Playboy in Distress
I’m getting bored of men already, so here is a track for all you dying for a woman in your life/ears. The bass in this is so deep its penetrative. I guarantee this will be a tune you have on repeat for days. Hot. 3:19 onwards sounds like an adult Petit Miam advertisement (god I want to know what they are saying, pls someone translate).

And if you aren’t already in the mood, here is some straight up sex music #sax

♫ New Experience – Prove It To Me (Instrumental) (download)

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– Kish

Show Your Shoe by Kish
November 24, 2011, 11:20 PM
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Show Your Shoe is Nico Müller and he makes badass electronic, synth funk. I hadn’t heard about him until I stumbled upon one of his tracks on Soundcloud.. but why the fuck he isn’t famous, I do not know.  Maybe it is because he only seems to see the importance of a shoe as opposed to both shoes – just throwing it out there. He is signed to Teenage Gang Records who also look after babes like Cosmonaut Grechko and Drum Kina.

Show Your Shoe released his Technik City EP on Teenage Gang Records in March and dayum, it’s a killer EP. Funky, light and synthy and fucking italo. It is a funky blend of Shazam, Future Cop and the 80s.

This is one of the tracks off the EP and fuck me in the eye  it is great. It is so funky you may actually be physically unable to stop your hips from grooving. Maybe that’s why this track seems to be unheard of – possible worldwide epidemic. Makes sense (not really). There is this also this buildup towards the end of the track, that just falls back into a break down to bring an end to the track, oh my lord – do it again.

♫ Show Your Shoe – Arrival

Here is another track from the EP and this one, has an epic synth in it. It’s brassy, wholesome and sounds warm and safe. It’s a chilled out track, with a few bells, chords and whistles to pick it up along the way. Straight up – it is jizz town. It has this little sample vocal in it also, and it sounds like a dude, falling down a slope and yelling out in key.

♫ Show Your Shoe – Jet Skiing 

The track that caught my ear however, is only a day old, and it’s so good, I actually thought I was still playing The Magician’s Magic Tape Seventeen. I think that is a sufficient description in itself. It’s really disco, has a babin vocal courtesy of Christa Vi and is a perfect 10. Nico can remix.

♫ Christa Vi – Your Heart (Show Your Shoe Remix)

Here is another remix of Futurecop!  Get your funk on.

♫ Futurecop! (ft. Keenhouse) – Dreams (Show Your Shoe Remix)

Here is a collaboration between Show Your (fancy) Shoe and my favorite papery duo Coupons. It’s so much fun to listen to, that it’s free. 

♫ Coupons and Show Your Shoe – Sara

So I think they became best friends for life in the meantime and Show Your Shoe remixed one of their really long named songs. Needs moar cowbell.

♫ Show Your Shoe – Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor (Coupons Remix)

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Tyson: After You’re Gone Remixes by Kish
November 23, 2011, 1:03 PM
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So, pretty much as soon as I saw this in my email, I knew it would all be beyond amazing. Tyson found a place in my heart after falling head over heels in lust with The Swiss remix of Out Of My Mind. The initial intent of this post was to showcase the best remixes of Tyson’s new track After You’re Gone but it turns out I did a really bad job, only having the heart to leave the Legowelt remix out.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone download

The original is very disco, with a bass line that sounds like something out of an 80s sex scene. The chords are magical and the vocals are sweet and melancholy with the lyrics dripping sadness – but the track is so good that you can forget them all together. Check out the video clip – it’s got babes.

Tyson – After You’re Gone (Joe Goddard Remix) download

If you’re a reader of the blerg, you would know that I’m a massive Joe Goddard groupie… if you’re not, fuck you for not being friends earlier and by the way, I love Joe Goddard more than ice cream topping itself. This is a really dark remix. I can just imagine it being played in a dark, cramped cave, full of attractive ravers (they never are in real life).

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (Solo Remix) download

Here is a cool ’11pm remix’ by Solo. It’s not as dark as Joe Goddard’s remix, it’s crisp and deep, just like a really good apple should be.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (Dmitri From Paris Remix) download

Let’s up the tempo a bit and move onto another remix, this time from no other than Dmitri From Paris. Off topic – but Dmitri is such a great name. I like the lack of vowels between the ‘d’ and the ‘m’. Anyway, this is groovy as fuck and if you are partial to some cowbell, you’re in luck.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (The Magician Remix) download

So when I saw there was a remix by The Magician, naturally my heart stopped and I battled through every obstacle just to listen to it. I said earlier the song was melancholy, well this remix definitely plays on that. From 2:35 the track gets piano heavy. It’s so bittersweet, and with the added chords and vocals, it makes the second half of this remix a real masterpiece – oh and listen out for the signature clappage (no I’m not talking about your genitals).

What do you think of the remixes? I don’t think you could have gotten bigger names to do them. If you’re in Melbourne town and love The Magician, come to Roxanne Parlour this Saturday. He’ll be treating the clerb to his tricks of the trade.

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Mixtape Monday by Kish

I did a mixtape roundup last week, but I love alliteration more than life itself so I’ve dubbed this day Mixtape Monday – fancy no? I don’t like mixtapes a whole lot, mostly because there is usually nothing special about them.  So what you will find here each Monday will hopefully be mixes with some awesome tunes sprinkled throughout or mixes with some crazy shit going on in them. So check back at the start of every horrible week and find something tantalizing.

♫ Telonius Dj Charts November 2011 (free download)

You can always rely on Telonius for a good time. I want to go on record as saying, everything Gomma releases is amazing. This is a nice mix of spacey breakdowns and housey vocals.

Best track? Justin Martin & Ardalan – Lezgo (download)

♫ Manuel Kim DJ Charts November 2011

Unable to take my eyes away from the lusty Gomma soundcloud page, I find another mix by Manuel Kim – he is after all the label Manager, so this is bound to be good. This mix is a little ‘Melbourne represent’, with tracks from Francis Inferno Orchestra, Tornado Wallace and a remix by Fantastic Man (Mic Newman). Groovy, deep and smooth. If you are so inclined, lay back and have a drink to this one.

Best track? The Francis Inferno Orchestra – I Need It (Fantastic Man’s Electric Boogaloo Remix) 

Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session October 2011

Drop Out Orchestra
know whats up. It was actually impossible for me to land on a track that I thought was the best.. because they were all just that good. Such a great vibe, and even better – all DOP edits and tasty treats are available on their Soundcloud. The downloads on their page has run out, but you can download it here – see it’s worth reading posts.

Best Track? Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix) + TLC / Drop Out Edit  (everyone loves a TLC vocal)

Treasure Fingers  EU Tour Nov Mix 2011

No better way to finish off but with Treasure Fingers. I’ve been listenng to this one in my car for a few days now, and can firmly give it the two thumbs up. That Edwin Van Cleef track he opens with is so amazing that I want to name my next pet “Edwin Van Qweef“.

Best Track? Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (VIP mix) 


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Can Disco Edit by Kish

Today I watched the footage of Chromeo performing live on the Jimmy Fallon Show, with Solange Knowles (major babe alert) – watch here. An amazing rendition of the song, and loved seeing it live with Solange. The inspiration for this post, however isn’t from the performance, although it probably did inspire a few immaculate conceptions in the audience, I was more inspired by the review of the video. It compared the performance to “Laura Branigan and Billy Ocean having sex on top of a Prophet-5 synthesizer. While The Pointer Sisters watch”. It got me in a real disco mood.

The Pointer Sisters are actually playing a couple of shows in Melbourne, Australia very soon. So if you’re keen to get that hip of yours moving, have a google and get your hands on some tickets. This is a cool re-edit of Fire by Tony Jacaloné. It’s smoky (don’t mind the pun), sultry and does the song justice.

♫ The Pointer Sisters – Fire (Tony Jacaloné Edit)

Tony Jacaloné does a lot of cool re-edits of old 80s tracks. He is from the United States, has an amazing surname and knows how to re-edit a track well. My only gripe is with his shitty writeup on Soundcloud. Ignore it at all costs. In better news, here’s a few of his better re-edits.

♫ The Eagles – I Can’t Tell You Why (Tony Jacaloné Re-Edit)

♫ The Cars – Moving in Stereo (Tony’s Rails to Ruin Mix)

♫ Hall and Oates – Rich Girl (Tony Jacaloné Re-Edit)

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