James Curd Man + Machine EP by Kish
January 5, 2012, 5:33 PM
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Let me start by apologizing for being so late on realizing the existence of this magnificent EP. James Curd has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t even know where to begin to explain why, but if I must let’s do it with just random words (it’s more fun this way): uh Greenskeepers, Defected, awesome, Chi Town, has cool glasses, that remix of Juan Maclean, ridiculously awesome.  That isn’t all of it, but I’m sure you get the jist.

So I’m on Beatport going through Bang Gang’s latest releases and I see a James Curd one I haven’t heard before. I pause, share some self deprecating comments with myself for not having heard it before, press play, check the month, omgomg it was released in October?! Surely it can’t be good if it slipped through my fingers like this, nope, pretty sure it’s fucking excellent, I just suck. After doing a quick search, turns out this EP hasn’t gotten as much love as I thought it would? Not to worry, Futuristic de Silencio is on it!

James Curd – Man vs Machine

This is a funky track that will undoubtedly leave everyone bopping up and down at least one part of their body (lol seksual innuendo). It has a real discotheque vibe to it, leaving me imagining hot vintage ladies in gold jumpsuits and rollerblades cutely seducing men just by mouthing the “ooh oooohs”.

James Curd – Moon

So this is the track that had me sold. Surely the first 5 seconds will do the same for you. It is a deep drivey track which is really catchy and has a great hook.

James Curd – Decadence

This has a bit of a different vibe to the other two tracks. Lots of piano and the bells give it a slight midnight tropical vibe.  For some reason, this track leaves me a little poignant… delicious nonetheless.

James Curd – Moon (Luke Solomon’s Mega Mix)

While the other remix in this EP doesn’t really do much different to the track, the Luke Solomon Mega Mix is bangin. It adds an extra dimension, drums, bells and whistles which make it a great summer track – timely considering it is sa hot here right now.

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