Interviewing: Sam Padrul + Mix by Kish
January 4, 2012, 9:10 PM
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You may or may not have heard of a guy going by the name of Sam Padrul but if you haven’t you are surely missing out. With an alluring track safely tucked away in his arsenal, Sam Padrul has a sound that is funky, tantalizingly fun and more than anything he will have you hooked. If you’re intrigued, check out his music and read my conversation with Chicago’s newest talent. We talk being forward with the ladies, Oprah’s lusty figure and Chicago house.

Congratulations on your amazing song, All I Do. It is wonderfully addictive and has great lyrics. Are you usually that forward with the ladies?

SAM Thank you, I am really pleased with the result, and I am grateful for the wonderful feedback!  I love that you used the word “addictive” because I feel like I’m ready to release a song to the public when I myself can’t stop listening to it!

With regards to lyrics, I’ve never been much of a poetic person.  When I listen to music, I rarely pay attention to the lyrics, but rather, the voice to me is another instrument in the band, and so the rhythm and melody of the vocals are what matter.  So, while I don’t want to undermine the time spent on them, the lyrics were really a practical means to a musical end, to achieve the rhythm and melody of the vocals that I was humming to myself awkwardly while waiting for the bus.  To answer your question, I suppose I’ve said some pretty forward things to a few ladies in my day.  Not sure whether I’ve actually told a girl “I want you in my bed” but I wouldn’t put it past myself!

Sam Padrul – All I Do free download

Q Living in Chicago must be amazing and rich in inspiration. What inspirations do you draw on (not including Oprah’s lusty figure) for your music?
SAM I often begin a day in the studio with a brief prayer to Oprah to seek her guidance, asking humbly of her to bestow upon me inspiration and creative juices to produce funky and catchy music.  I have a shrine of her overseeing my studio.

Apart from Chicago’s chocolatey talk show queen, Chicago has been chock-full of inspiration for me as a growing musician and music fan.  I’ve been listening to Chicago House music since I was about 12 years old, and I’ve been a big Derrick Carter fan for ages!  I’ve always been  fascinated by Chicago’s house music history, and not long ago I went to go see CZR and Paul Johnson at a Chicago lounge.  What I love about house music is how unifying it is.  It has a mesage of peace and unity, not agression, bling, and ho’s (sorry to offend any ho’s).  When I was in high school, my friends and I would go to these DJ sets hosted by the City of Chicago in our main park downtown, and the diversity was really amazing.  Race, background, age, orientation, none of it really matters with house music.

Apart from Chicago House, I have always been a fan of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, etc.  Their music has so much beauty in them!  Just recently, I’ve been listening to Bill Wither’s “’Bout Love” album, which gave me some inspiration in my next track, which I’ll release soon.

Q Talking about Oprah, have you ever been to her show? I have always vowed to go but alas it’s over now *tear*
SAM No, but I’ve spent many nights perched in trees outside of her home hoping to see her!

When I think Chicago I think Chicago house. Was it difficult to break away from that or is there a different, less documented side to the Chicago music scene?
SAM Chicago doesn’t have such a bustling music scene.  What it does have, for better or worse, is an abundance of DJ’s.  I think our city is a little over saturated with DJ’s, and I would love to see some more incubation of local artists and producers.  Who knows, maybe I can change that?  But, we have great talent such as Gemini Club and Hey Champ out here, all of whom are awesome guys and make amazing music.

Do you do all your vocals and piano yourself? Were you classically trained or did you learn how to sing in the shower?
SAM Indeed, I did the vocals and chord arrangement myself.  I played piano for several years, but I certainly didn’t take any sort of vocal lessons (autotune can help with that!).  I also was dragged to alot of classical music concerts as a kid, so I was exposed to a lot of classical music in that respect too.  It gave me a great sense for true musicality.  After listening to a lot of music from a young age, I’ve concluded that there is an objective truth to music, and that humans are wired to react positively to correctly structured music, which maybe can be called “catchiness”.  So, I’ve sat at my keyboard for a long time trying to understand what true catchiness is.  Hopefully I’ve gotten to the bottom of it!

I consider you an expert in what you do. So as an expert, do you think Oprah and Stedman have the staying power to last as a couple?
SAM If they can’t last, is there any hope for any of us?

QMark Corigan or Jeremy Usborne? Why?
SAM Hm, Mark comes off as a nice guy but is actually an asshole and an idiot.  Jeremy comes off as a prick but is actually kind of sweet and innocent.  Aren’t we all a little bit Mark, and a little bit Jeremy?

What are your ultimate musical desires for yourself? Anyone you would like to work with? Any labels you have you heart on to be signed to?
SAM My desires are simply to make music.  It is my calling in life, and I could ask nothing more than to make good music for people.  When I say that I want to make money off of it, I mean that I want to be able to sustain myself while doing what I love, not to live an extravagant pretentious lifestyle that probably most aspiring musicians dream of.  Its just a true passion of mine.

Currently, I’m not really too interested in signing with any labels (unless its Fool’s Gold, Ed Banger, or any major record labels, of course!).  Right now, I just want to get my music out there, and spread the joy!  If I could choose any producers to work with, it would definitely be Breakbot or Philippe Zdar.  I just feel like we would get eachother!

3 of your favorite songs?
Phoenix – If I ever feel better
Breakbot – Fantasy
Daft Punk – Around the World

3 of your favorite albums:
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions
Paul McCartney – RAM
Daft Punk – Discovery

So because Sam Padrul is such a generous Chicagonite, he has put together a mix for le silence. If you like funk, good music and something to drink some cocktails to, press play.

Sam Jams Vol.4 for Futuristic Silence

Tracklist in the comments

– Kish

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1.Bit Funk – She’s Got Two Hearts
2.Lorenz Rhode – Back
3.Breakbot – Fantasy
4.Sebastien Leger – Midnight in Galaxy
5.J Paul Getto – Need More Music
6.Raziel and Cerebral Vortex – Killer (His Majesty Andre Remix)
7.Janet Jackson – Make Me (Ghosts of Venice Remix)
8.Florrie – 911 (His Majesty Andre Remix)
9.Joey Chicago – Feelin Fine
10.Louis La Roche – The Wall
11.DJ EQ – Sunset Blvd (Skingz Remix)
12.Kreap – Housebreak (Original Mix)

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