Reviewing: Casino ‘La Vendetta’ EP by Kish
February 15, 2012, 12:13 PM
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Not sure how much attention you are paying to what I say, but as a general rule I expect you to remember everything ever mentioned on this blog ever. It’s kind of like watching a TV series, you’ll never get some of the jokes unless you watch every episode in order. Welcome to reading hell.

I am making the above point because I have posted about my lust for Casino before. They’re from Melbourne, they cool and they’re signed to Greenskeepers Music. I expect that sentence is more than enough to keep you around. They released their debut EP Jan 31st and this is what it sounds like…

Casino – La Vendetta  

Just as you expect a title track to be, amazing, on repeat and smoother than a shaved cat. With licks of italo throughout, this track has successfully meshed a sexy yet really really familiar bassline with everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, heartbreak. I’ve also heard whispers that the boys did the vocals themselves, and here I was racking my brain wondering if it was Jeppe (Classixx, The Magician fame) or Kim (The Presets). This is the song of my dreams.

Casino – White Water

Take me to a secret cave lodged behind a waterfall and find me where the disco is, because this is what I would be hearing. It sounds like lashes of liquid silver falling from the skies falling on an island full of tropical Brazillian models. When you hear the track you will understand that there is literally no other way of describing it.

Casino – Dreams and Dragons

I love songs with vocals because I am a girl and we love songs we can sing along to. Welcome back vocals. I think the thing that excites me so much about Casino is how they’ve combined original vocals with amazing lyrics with such well produced tracks – it’s almost too much. It’s like if Miranda Kerr dressed like Agyness Deyn

Casino – Echoes

So this is like White Water’s hot sister, but it doesn’t matter because they’re twins. Hot twins. It’s actually the perfect song to seduce someone with. It comes jam packed with 80s steeze, licks of guitar to put you in the right mood and this echoey (ha) flute laced over the top. Audible honey.

Casino – Flight To Nowhere

It is as if Casino came together and thought “hey let’s make 5 tracks, with amazing elements in each of them and take over the world by blowing people’s minds one at a time”. This track is some crazy italo, synthy, bassy dream. Get ready for the piano driven break down at 3:20 is all I have to say.


…. I usually find all EPs have weak points, but La Vendetta takes that weak point and steps on it’s face with some really fancy shoes on. I think the best way to describe this EP is to quote someone off Soundcloud “Going to break up with my gf and marry this EP“… now to find myself a girlfriend.

Le Verdict? 5/5 ★★★★★

Buy it here on Beatport


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