‘Free Tunes’ Tuesday by Kish

I don’t think Free Tunes Tuesday will continue, but hey, today I have found a fat stash of awesome tracks that are being given away for free, so why not share?

SBTRKT – Hold On (Them Jeans) free download

I saw Them Jeans play in Melbourne a fair few months ago and he was pretty banging and so so tall. This mix is a great take on SBTRKT’s amazing sound (which has a crazy cult-like following). I made the mistake of ignoring SBTRKT for as long as I could because I thought ‘SBTRKT’ sounded like a dubstep producer. Yeah I know… mistakes.

Sandra – Maria Magdalena (Satin Jackets & Chris Jylkke Krautrock Edition) free download

So don’t let the first 5 seconds of this track throw you off – it almost did the same for me, but I have faith the Satin Jackets outfit (lol pun) and knew this would be a deep groover and I was correct.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love – Pscyhemagik Remix free download

So Psychemagik makes this remix er well, magical. The best way to describe this track is that it’s a dark 3am tune that you would find yourself singing along to – yes even the chopped vocals. I love the way it eases into the track, starting off slowly with the drum beat and delicately adding all the different elements of the track – it just builds like a dream. Hold out until 3:05 😉

Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim – Get Naked (Louis La Roche ‘Is It Summer Yet’ Remix) free download

Well yes Louis, it is Summer in Australia so come here… But this is a summery remix that turns this track into a stringy masterpiece. I just want to take off my clothes and dance on a beach drinking really aesthetically pleasing cocktails. Cannot fathom why this is free…


So that is the free tune roundup for today. Get on it and click the download button before they attempt to snatch back the gifts they offered us so tantalizingly.

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Wattaweekend by Kish

What a weekend it was. I turned 21 on Friday, so I had to do it in style. I had dinner with Breakbot and Riva Starr and Harald from Ed Banger. Got told by Riva Starr to get drunk. Got to the club, did that, and rendezvoused with The Revenge, Boys Noize, Breakbot and Riva Starr. Saw lots of friends, old and new, got heaps of compliments on my babin shoes, and the boyf closed for Boys Noize. My boyf also bought me a diamond bracelet for my birthday. He is so babin. Saturday night was recovery, and Sunday night it was time to go out again.

♫ Eumig & Chinon – Kaschow

Justice – Let There Be Light (Breakbot Remix)

This time, Flying Lotus and Dam Funk @ Roxanne Parlour. Dam Funk was ahmazing, playing the coolest, and don’t hate me for saying this, some rad funk. He got up, played a synth and even did vocals over the top. Flying Lotus kind of sucked. One of the speakers blew because Gaslamp Killer was raping the shit out of that room right before Flylo came out. I warmed up to his set towards the second half and really started enjoying it. But fuck yeah, January is awesome so far.

♫ Glenda McCleod – No Stranger To Love

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge – Rubber (Flying Lotus ‘Unprotected Sex’ Remix)

Any Excuse by Kish
January 3, 2011, 7:38 PM
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ANY EXCUSE JAN 7 with Breakbot, Boys Noize, The Revenge & Riva Starr @ BROWN ALLEY, Melbourne

In Beatport we trust by Kish

I remember discovering Beatport when I was about 15/16 and it totally blowing my mind. I was so surprised by the ridiculous amount of music all in the one spot. Up until then, I had used crappy services like Napster to download music. My only plan was to download large volumes of random music and hope I’d find something good. Try before you buy, thats how I like it.

Now, Beatport is a reliable source of music that I can go to anytime of the day, whenever I’m in need of some musical inspiration or rejuvenation. I didn’t go to uni today because I feel like crap, so what did I do? Sat in bed and checked out what choonsz Beatport be bringin’. This is my Beatport round up so get awwwwn it fool.

Idioma – Landscapes (Shit Robot Remix) <– amazingly constructed track

Tape To Tape – The Devil Made Me Do It Pt. I <– piaaannno

Reboot – Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix) <– great piece of cheese

Malente & Jay Robinson  – What A Bass (Original Mix) <– very fidgety and lol at the title

Hot Mouth & Will Bailey – Set It Off (Original Mix) <– filthy stuff

Depeche Mode – Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) <– WOW

Am I on acid or do you really look THAT bad by Kish

I finally got my new glasses today. Yes I am fairly blind, and the deterioration in my eyesight is directly related to the amount of time i spend infront of the laptop. Ha, sucks to be me. Now I have the gift of vision again, i realise how strange I must look. See, I just assume that people have the same vision as I do, so when I am singing in the car, and can’t make out the faces of other drivers, I just assume they can’t see me singing – wrong! When I am walking up to a disgustingly hot man, and am checking them out like there is no tomorrow, but know that we aren’t making eye contact because we are way too far to do that – wrong. Lol, I have spent months looking like a freak, because I have been lacking vision, no wonder I am single.

Anyways………Ahh the weekend is upon us, so we all need some block rockin’ beats to get us in the mood. I am going to be stuck at home studying for exams, but go and get messy on my behalf, and I’ll see  you out there next week.  Here are the filthiest goddamn choons I acquired purely by selling my body, so please enjoy them.

Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Buttonmasher Remix)

Riva Starr – I Was Drunk (Harry Benson Remix)

Les Gillettes – Pompeii

Feadz – Liisborg Error <– okay so I’m still not over the fact that i made out with Feadz, but this is so dark and dirty ❤

Ian Pooley – Rock Da Disco (Daft Punk Mix) <– that deep grinding bass drives me insaaaaaane

Head pains cured instantly! =O by Kish

drugs do strange things to people… especially those with paint

I have had the worst fucking headache all day. So before I anesthetize  myself before I go to bed, I’m going to share some golden and grand finds. Speaking of golden and grand finds… I cannot wait to do a bout of opshopping tomorrow! Heres to hoping work pays me well tomorrow!

Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)
Nice to see some good Swedish House floating around. I’m still angry at Eric though — his gay fear of flying meant he cancelled Summadayze this year (N)

Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Micro Genius remix)
Produced by the cheese connoisseurs Ingrosso & Angello, this mix hits the spot. Chyeah boi. Grab the Kingdom remix for some ghetto chic.

Riva Starr feat. Noze – I Was Drunk
This one is all a bit of fun, with a sweet  high energy european sound to it. Don’t worry, I don’t promote euro-trash here, this is safe. The Douster remix is heaps of fun too!

Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix) <–
I picked this up over at GDD, and I couldn’t help but post awaaaay. I love lying back and imaging songs being played live.. it always gives a new, better dimension to it. Do try.

Hope things are going swimmingly,