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May 3, 2012, 12:01 PM
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When asked, what is the best gig you’ve ever been to, it’s usually a hard question to answer. From seeing Phoenix to The Strokes to being in awe of Aphex Twin and losing my mind during a 3 hour Boys Noize set, I’ve seen a lot. What stands out however, is 2009 January 10 when I saw Digitalism at the Forum in Melbourne.

Lazer orgy, the entire Idealistic album, Jence’s vocals booming over the top and Pogo. There were many other things that made that night superb – I met a guy called Voytek, saw Harris Robotis play for the first time, oh and it was my birthday, but Digitalism were no doubt superb. The best thing though, they’re playing again. Same venue, same babin Digitalism but it’s this Friday, yes TOMORROW.

If you live in Australia, have great taste in music and need lasers and electronic bleeps that are incomparable, then you need to hop on board. Even better is, that Beni is supporting in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Don’t worry Perth, you get everyone’s teenage criminal Adrian Lux.

Friday May 4: The Forum, MELBOURNE

Wednesday May 9: Family, Brisbane

Friday May 11: HI FI, Sydney

Thursday May 17: Light Square House, ADELAIDE

Friday May 18: Villa, Perth


Best of 2k9 by Kish

I love charts and lists and all things slightly obsessive compulsive. I have graced you with my Best Albums of 09 and Top 15 tracks of 09 so now I just have a few formalities to deal with before my extended family INFILTRATES my home and bombards me with this apparent ‘spirit of Christmas’. Lulz I’m such a cynic, my bad.

Greatest Discoveriesz of 2009

Renaissance Man
First with the Spraycansz and then with that Crystal Fighters remix. Wow, Renaissance Man just continues to amaze me.
♫ DJ Hell – My Definition of House Music (Renaissance Man Bootcut)

John Roman
If i’m not wrong, this dude is unsigned and ahmazing. Everything he’s produced and remixed is so filthy you suspect you may be inseminated with aids. If you don’t know who he is yet… what the fuuuuuck are you doing!
♫ Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix)

The xx
I didn’t really pay attention to The xx hype until I fell in lust with their ‘You Got The Love’ cover/remix thang. Get on their album, it only amazes.
♫ The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat

Tits & Clits
What? You have booooth?! (Family Guy quote for those playing at home). These dudes make bangers. That pretty much sums them up. Filthy, dirty, rat infested bangers which you want to dance to into the early hours of the morn.
♫ PNAU – Embrace (Tits & Clits remix)

Best Remixers of 2009

1. Fred Falke
Two years in a row and running. This man can really do no wrong in my eyes. I love you Mr. Falke
♫ Fred Falke – Back To Stay

2. Boy 8 Bit
It has been this Boy’s year. With the great remixes he’s produced climbing to the top of everyone’s list, it would seem he has the makings of someone whos going to stick around! I used to refer to him as ‘Kissy Sell Out’s friend’…now I guess I’ll start calling him by name lulz
♫ Boy 8 Bit – Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

3. Yuksek
I was uber disappointed when I couldn’t experience Yuksek live when he came down here due to me being a temp cripple. This dude has the golden remix touch.
♫ Amanda Blank – Shame On Me (Yuksek Remix)

4. Fake Blood
Faaaaaaaake Blood *PING* Love affair started with Mars, and i don’t see it ending any time soon. This dude has this fat, crazy beat that he drops in every mix that i CANNOT get enough of! Pwoa.
♫ Underworld – Ring Road (Fake Blood Remix)

5. Classixx
Their versions, their remixes, their everything. Even their original stuff is hard to pass by.
♫ Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Version)

***Honourable Mention***
Need a dirty cheesy bassline that will drive crowds wild? Something that is original, distinguishable yet familiar all at once. Afrojack is the maaaan for the job! This guy has skills that will induce naturally produced thrillsz.
♫ Spencer & Hill – Cool (Afrojack Remix)

Best Live Act/Sets of 2009

1. Digitalism
10/10 The night was perfect. The people were perfect. The weather was grand, and everything was just epic. The live vocals gave me shivers and the lights made me trip balls and I seriously cannot wait till they return bigger and better than evz.
♫ Digitalism – ZDRLT  (Rewind) <—lost my shit when this was dropped!

2. Axwell
8/10 I only take off 2 points for the crappy sound and the shit mood the people around me were in. The set was great. Axwell was yelling out crazy shit over the PA “Melbourrrrrrrrrrne I fucking LOVE yew.” Haha, we love you too Axwell.
♫ The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)<—I actually heard people asking eachother WHEN he would unleash this banger. Everyone went crazy when it finally happened!

3. Boy 8 Bit
8/10 His set had EVERYONE going nuts. When he dropped ‘City Under Siege’ the people around me went nuts, with their hands in the air, bursting with ecstatic appreciation. There was not one dull moment!
♫ Boy 8 Bit – City Under Siege

4. Feadz
7.5/10 Feadz played one heavy set. With dirty grime and just everything you would expect from Feadz and more! He seems like such a cool dude. I got to make out with him and talk to him and I suggest you all do the same. He even passed around a bottle of vodka in the crowd and urged everyone to take a sip and pulled anyone he could up onto the stage. So much fun!
♫ Feadz – Edwrecker

5. Armand Van Helden
7/10 If only I remembered more of it =P It was pretty cool to see this dude live, who I take as a living legend of House. He knew how to rev a crowd with particular choons and it was sooo great!
♫ Jack Penate – Be The One (Armand Van Helden Club Vocal)

Drumming Sound (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Bangers and Hash by Kish

Its Friday Fool. What’s the plan? I’m working tonight, so my Friday has been shot in the ass, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow. So I just thought I’d hunt and gather some danceable choons for when you’re getting ready and for when you’re skulling down your pre-drinks. There is nothing quite like saving a dollar or two by drinking a shitload of vodka beforehand right? Have a slick night dudes.

I was just thinking, all of you may not be the type who go out for a filthy time. But I am, so these are just as disgusting as it gets.

♫ Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Remix)<– oh Digitalism where art thou?

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

♫ Act Yo Age – Night Of The Hornheadz (Sticky K Remix) <–

Flairs – Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix) <– filthay!

You just want something funky to dance to? I have something for that too

Strip Steve – Dancin’

And just a tip for when you come home, turn on some quiet ambient music, and you’ll fall asleep like a baby. Unless your plan isn’t to sleep.

This is Sirius-ly good by Kish

Can Siriusmo do any wrong?! Really, I ask this in all seriousness, because everything produced by this sexy man is faultless. Its the perfect mix of alt pop and funk. It sounds strange in theory, but goddamn, it works. What’s sparked this outburst of love? This of course…

♫ Chromeo – Night by Night (Siriusmo Remix) <–
I feel like posting this is kind of pointless, since every blog and their dog has given this props, but i just love it so much. Chrome – oh -ohhhh! Doesn’t Dave 1 sound like he’d just be the perfect man *sigh*

But as I’m sure you’re well aware of, Siriusmo is no one trick pony.

♫ The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Siriusmo Remix) (le radio rip)
what is that i hear? horns? whatever that beautiful sound is, it works.

♫ The Shoes feat. Primary 1 – People Movin’ (Siriusmo Remix) <–
there are songs that you think ‘nope this just can’t be remixed’. this is done oh so well. smooth as an operator

♫ Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Siriusmo Remix)
this is pretty cool stuff, comes into its own after the 2 minute mark

♫ Digitalism – Echoes (Siriusmo Remix) <–
nothing like Digitalism to get me in the mood. this remix is fucking ace.

So we’ve established this guy can remix, but can he be concoct his own masterpieces? Hellsz yeah.

♫ Siriusmo – Let Me In
its all dirty and grindy just like i want it babeh

♫ Siriusmo – High Together <–
starts off sounding like blooped tropical holiday music, but then splaaat all over your face is this wonderful euphoric beat. dayum.

& on the flip side is this.

♫ Siriusmo – Wow (Modeselektor Remix)
“hells yeah, we’re gonna get crunk and get our drinks awn chika chika.” that was a quote from McLovin’. I’m sure you knew that. I shouldn’t insult your intelligence.

♫ Siriusmo – All The Girls (Yuksek Remix) <–
ahh two greats together, this didn’t have a chance in gayland of failing. this is dancey, upbeat and slickity-slick as.

Keep it slick,

I’ll have the biggest party ever at HOME by Kish
October 6, 2009, 12:28 PM
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If you hate torrents like i do.. then i may have something you have BEEN dying to get your hands on. Digitalism @ Paradiso in Amsterdam. Fuck yeaaah! My boyfriend (lulz not really) uploaded this for me ❤ What a gem, and now I can share it with youu!

Where art thou new Digitalism album?!

♫ Digitalism Live In Paradiso Amsterdam 22-05-2008 <–hells yeah!

Here’s the all important tracklisting, and if you are a shit person and cant be fucked downloading the whole thing (i’ll forgive you if you’re capped) ive added my favourites for individual download. I’m so good to you sometimes.

01 Intro 3:43
02 I want I want 4:37
03 Anything New 5:20
04 Digitalism in Cairo 3:43 <–
05 Echoes 1:57
06 Magnets 1:18
07 Moonlight 2:52
08 Idealistic 4:39
09 Homezone 4:09 <–
10 Zdarlight 7:12 <–
11 Jupiter Room 6:12
12 Apollo- Gize Final mix 2:54
13 Pogo 5:55
14 New Bonus Track 3:44
15 Pogo live Remix 6:37 <–

Remix Heavensz by Kish

Turns out the weekend was a fucked up one. I pissed a lot of people off, received angry msgs from old lovers, sent msgs expressing apparent love — yet almost all of that pain was taken away in a single moment when someone came up to me last night and called me a “siq bitch”.

So, instead of crawling into a hole and committing suicide i’ve decided to share stuff — two words — wonderful remixes. Finding them, is similar to good weather – it will happen when it happens, and there will be this wonderful period of time where it will be great, but around the corner there is a massive lull, where it will be crap and nothing special. Fuck, that deserves a pat on the back, what a great analogy.

So here are my picks for remixesz of the week. Some come from my inbox of choons, some are new, some are old, but they all have one thing in common — they’re all dying to be loved by YOU.

Sébastien Tellier – L’amour et la Violence (Boys Noize Euro mix)
I spent ages trying to think of how I’m going to subtly slip this into my blerg. This isn’t as “subtle” as I had hoped for, but it’ll do. I don’t know how ‘euro’ this is, but its a very clean and smooth remix. It doesn’t add anything unnecessary, it doesn’t destroy the vocals, it doesn’t butcher the melody and it is just fucking pleasantly wondrous. I like Mr Ridha’s new direction.

Classix feat. Jeppe – I’ll Get You (Pat Swayzak “Do You Like Bass?” Edit)
The original is great, but this, right from the get-go, lunges right into the vocals – which is the best part of the song. Yes, I do like bass, does that make me a filthy muzza? Meh, if it does, I will wear my new title with greasy pride. This is very light and bubbly as well as impossible not to dance to.

Metronomy and Stanley Kubrick – Lolita Has A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)
This is thanks to my friend at Scottish Friction. This is absolutely fab. The chorus has a  N*E*R*D vibe to it, if you get what I mean. Its nice and boppy and very cute. Love the piano, the drums, the singy songy voice, i love it all.

Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
This is the newest installation in the Animal sequelsz. So many remixes, so much win. This is just another great remix. Its funky, has this air of the 1950s and is very Mark Ronson. Oh I love Marky Mark Ronson so.

♫ Azzido Da Bass – I Want U (Jence Remix)
Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah! Jence (from Digitalism) supplied the lovely vocals for the great Azzido Da Bass. I’m just glad to hear some Digitalism-related shit man. Its got the Digitalism signature, and has this great euphoric build up all rolled into one fab mp3. P.s. this would sound epic live.

I wrote this all on my balcony with a cold glass of Coke – fuck the weather is absolutely great.

Lazy post by Kish

siq view

I have had one insane weekend. My head is still spinning and I think I am going to permanently pass out soon. I think they call that dying? Cool man. Work keep asking me if I’m free to work today and I really don’t feel good enough to hold a conversation right now let alone work. Ergh. I’m going to sit in my room all day and listen to music. Sounds perfect to me. Here is some slick choonage I would like to share with you that will hopefully get you through your own dehydration and headachesz.

♫ Digitalism – Zdarlight / I Want I Want (Live At The Bunker) / Jupiter Room (Planetary Lobby Version) <– 12 minutes of bliss!
I was listening to this on the train home the other day, and fuck me dead, I found it next to impossible to keep myself from moving. I was tapping my feet, head nodding, playing my bag like a bongo — all subtley enough so i didn’t look crazy ofcourse! I’ve posted this song before, but I think it got lost somewhere amongst the lack of traffic. Do try it.

If you listen to this song hard enough, you’ll figure out why I named my blog what i did.

♫ Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge (Dekker & Johan Remix)
This one is cool. Its like a watered down version of the original, not in a bad way though. It just doesn’t have all the annoying stuff the original does, ha. My bad.

♫ La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (DatA Remix)
La Roux is definitely my favourite ranga. Vocals are superb, the beat is great. Its danceable yet simultaneously smooth and soothing. Isn’t that just a great combination of awesome things. Totes is. Liking the lyrics a lot as well!

♫ Röyksopp – What Else Is There (Ministry of Sound Remix)
Hmm, I’m so confused, do the Ministry of Sound remix stuff too now? Anyways, before you write this off as PURE CHEESE, read on. This is so amazing. When I say that, I mean it sounds like a dreamy Fred Falke mix or something! Get awn it.

and just for shits and giggles
♫ Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland – Dilemma

P.s. I ended up going to work, because I only have 20 dollars left in my bank account. Sucks to be me.