Reviewing: Casino ‘La Vendetta’ EP by Kish
February 15, 2012, 12:13 PM
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Not sure how much attention you are paying to what I say, but as a general rule I expect you to remember everything ever mentioned on this blog ever. It’s kind of like watching a TV series, you’ll never get some of the jokes unless you watch every episode in order. Welcome to reading hell.

I am making the above point because I have posted about my lust for Casino before. They’re from Melbourne, they cool and they’re signed to Greenskeepers Music. I expect that sentence is more than enough to keep you around. They released their debut EP Jan 31st and this is what it sounds like…

Casino – La Vendetta  

Just as you expect a title track to be, amazing, on repeat and smoother than a shaved cat. With licks of italo throughout, this track has successfully meshed a sexy yet really really familiar bassline with everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, heartbreak. I’ve also heard whispers that the boys did the vocals themselves, and here I was racking my brain wondering if it was Jeppe (Classixx, The Magician fame) or Kim (The Presets). This is the song of my dreams.

Casino – White Water

Take me to a secret cave lodged behind a waterfall and find me where the disco is, because this is what I would be hearing. It sounds like lashes of liquid silver falling from the skies falling on an island full of tropical Brazillian models. When you hear the track you will understand that there is literally no other way of describing it.

Casino – Dreams and Dragons

I love songs with vocals because I am a girl and we love songs we can sing along to. Welcome back vocals. I think the thing that excites me so much about Casino is how they’ve combined original vocals with amazing lyrics with such well produced tracks – it’s almost too much. It’s like if Miranda Kerr dressed like Agyness Deyn

Casino – Echoes

So this is like White Water’s hot sister, but it doesn’t matter because they’re twins. Hot twins. It’s actually the perfect song to seduce someone with. It comes jam packed with 80s steeze, licks of guitar to put you in the right mood and this echoey (ha) flute laced over the top. Audible honey.

Casino – Flight To Nowhere

It is as if Casino came together and thought “hey let’s make 5 tracks, with amazing elements in each of them and take over the world by blowing people’s minds one at a time”. This track is some crazy italo, synthy, bassy dream. Get ready for the piano driven break down at 3:20 is all I have to say.


…. I usually find all EPs have weak points, but La Vendetta takes that weak point and steps on it’s face with some really fancy shoes on. I think the best way to describe this EP is to quote someone off Soundcloud “Going to break up with my gf and marry this EP“… now to find myself a girlfriend.

Le Verdict? 5/5 ★★★★★

Buy it here on Beatport



Mixtape Monday by Kish

I did a mixtape roundup last week, but I love alliteration more than life itself so I’ve dubbed this day Mixtape Monday – fancy no? I don’t like mixtapes a whole lot, mostly because there is usually nothing special about them.  So what you will find here each Monday will hopefully be mixes with some awesome tunes sprinkled throughout or mixes with some crazy shit going on in them. So check back at the start of every horrible week and find something tantalizing.

♫ Telonius Dj Charts November 2011 (free download)

You can always rely on Telonius for a good time. I want to go on record as saying, everything Gomma releases is amazing. This is a nice mix of spacey breakdowns and housey vocals.

Best track? Justin Martin & Ardalan – Lezgo (download)

♫ Manuel Kim DJ Charts November 2011

Unable to take my eyes away from the lusty Gomma soundcloud page, I find another mix by Manuel Kim – he is after all the label Manager, so this is bound to be good. This mix is a little ‘Melbourne represent’, with tracks from Francis Inferno Orchestra, Tornado Wallace and a remix by Fantastic Man (Mic Newman). Groovy, deep and smooth. If you are so inclined, lay back and have a drink to this one.

Best track? The Francis Inferno Orchestra – I Need It (Fantastic Man’s Electric Boogaloo Remix) 

Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session October 2011

Drop Out Orchestra
know whats up. It was actually impossible for me to land on a track that I thought was the best.. because they were all just that good. Such a great vibe, and even better – all DOP edits and tasty treats are available on their Soundcloud. The downloads on their page has run out, but you can download it here – see it’s worth reading posts.

Best Track? Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix) + TLC / Drop Out Edit  (everyone loves a TLC vocal)

Treasure Fingers  EU Tour Nov Mix 2011

No better way to finish off but with Treasure Fingers. I’ve been listenng to this one in my car for a few days now, and can firmly give it the two thumbs up. That Edwin Van Cleef track he opens with is so amazing that I want to name my next pet “Edwin Van Qweef“.

Best Track? Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (VIP mix) 


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– Kish

Take a gamble and have a listen to: CASINO by Kish

You may or may not have heard of Casino – no, not the kind which leaves you going home ashamed, broke and betting Lisa’s saxophone away, this is the Casino that is smooth, delectable and doesn’t have that ‘old people smell’. There isn’t much information available on the interwebs at this point in time, but they state their genre as being ‘2012 Balearic Italo Synth Pop‘ which I would say is not only accurate, but an amazing self imposed genre.

They are from Melbourne, Australia, (where most awesome things are from, i.e. me….) and are made up of Riccardo and Harris. You may know them as Harris Robotis, We:Are:Fans but they are in absolute amazing form as Casino, and are back with a different sound – a way in which you may not have heard them before.

Harris Robotis – Up All Night

While their musical treats are scarce, they have a remix of James Curd pres. Ziggy Franklin’s So Far Away which is, safe to say a smooth blend of Belearic Italo-Disco Synth Pop… uncanny.

♫ James Curd presents Ziggy Franklin – So Far Away (Casino Remix)

And if that isn’t enough for you, feed yourself on this delectably mixed.. well mix from the boys. If you go onto their Soundcloud they have the full tracklist (I die) and a bunch of Casino edits, remixes and soon to be releases in the mix for those of you who are intrigued.

♫ Casino – Ace of Spades Mixtape I (Free Download)


♫ James Curd Presents Ziggy Franklin – In Your Eyes (We Are Fans Remake)

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– Kish 

We want Coupons, not food stamps by Kish
February 12, 2011, 1:27 PM
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I feel a lot calmer today – infact I’m feeling tres chill. Introducing Coupons who are just another amazing Australian duo, releasing amazing music. Given props by some cool kids you might have heard of like Russ Chimes, Alex Gopher and In Flagranti to name a few, you know these guys are totes seriuz.

‘Driving to Your House Party’ is just the kind of music sunny Sunday afternoons spent drinking cocktails are made of. If you’re not convinced yet, they’ve been freshly signed to Discotexas and is made up of a couple guys called Brent & Stu, which just multiplies their plethora of awesomeness right thurr. My personal fave is the Jad and the Ladyboy remix!

Coupons – Driving To Your House Party (Jad and the Ladyboy Remix) 

Coupons Soundcloud
Discotexas Soundcloud

sup slut? by Kish
January 24, 2011, 9:44 PM
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Feeling grey, had a massively shit day. Here are some amazingly good songs to make me and you feel better. If you don’t believe me, illegally download them, plug in some speakers, open the curtains and have a twirl like no ones watching.

Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) [Club Cut] <- ♥♥♥

Miami Horror – Holidays (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix) <-

King of the Stars by Kish
January 11, 2011, 9:02 PM
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You know that awkward moment, when you’re listening to a song, and you swear the lyrics are a little off. But your ears hear nothing but “Penis all night, Penis-penis, all night, P-p-penis all night, King of the stars”. Well either way, this is an awesome song, whatever the lyrics may be.

Dr Don Don is a well known hip hop producer who goes by the name of Chasm, whose decided to shake shit up by dipping his toes into a totally different sound. This guy ain’t doing too badly if this is his ‘side project’. Summer tune!

♫ Dr Don Don – King Of The Stars

Fields of deliciousness by Kish
November 20, 2010, 1:33 PM
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I enjoy a good band. I especially enjoy a good band who lives an hour or two away from me – these dudes are from Ballarat. I’m in a lazy, summery mood and this is perfect for a lie down, a cold beverage and a babe lying next to you (optional, but oh sa good). I expect some cool things from Gold Fields, so take a listen and see if ya’ll vibe this.