2011 Wrap Up Part I by Kish
December 28, 2011, 6:18 PM
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As we draw closer to the end of another year and our imminent deaths in 2012 (movies are real, get over yourself) we reflect on the year that was and how little we did with our lives. I like concentrating on the fun developments on other people’s lives to keep me entertained. I’m bland.

2011 was a great year for music. With The Magician coming into his own, The Drums releasing a new album, Mr Oizo tantalizing our ear buds and dubstep ruining lives and necks everywhere, 2011 left us wondering “What more could you actually ask for?” I have the answer – Daft Punk. Anyway, I’m not totally greedy, so I can take solace in the hope that DP will release a crazy soundtrack for Earth’s untimely demise so we can go out feeling human after all – being hungover elicits the poet in me.

Top 5 Artists of 2011

1. The Magician/Peter & The Magician

2. Oliver

3. Joe Goddard

4. Edwin Van Cleef

5. SebastiAn

Special mention: The Drums

I also discovered a few lads who made me scream in passion and also made good tunes (loljk). Each of them have an amazing style, catchy tunes and left me stuck on repeat.

Top 5 Discoveries in 2011

1. Kido Yoji

2. Show Your Shoe

3. Sam Padrul

4. Lenno

5. Perseus

Like any year, there are ups, downs and of course disappointments. As a woman, I find disappointment where most can’t, so if you find offence in the phrase “agree to disagree” look away now, or direct your hate mail to 1800 suck my lobes.

Top 5 Disappointments of 2011

1. Mehdi passing away so young 😦

2. Daft Punk – where are you?

3. Justice – not being able to mix songs together

4. Mark Ronson getting married

5. Mr Oizo not playing a Melbourne sideshow because of club politrix

If you’re that person who fiends for an end of year top 10 more than your mum fiends for le coq then have no fear, I am getting around to that before the end of the year.

♫ Mr Oizo – Camel Fuck

♫ Mark Ronson – Record Collection 2012 (Perseus Remix)

♫ Edwin Van Cleef – Never Be Alone At Night



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Looking at your 2011 wrap up, it differs a whole lot from mine. One thing I do want to concur about is Justice’s album, which I for some reason praised heavily when it came out. But since then, I haven’t listened to any of their songs. For instance, if it comes up on my ipod’s shuffle, I quickly skip the song. They’ve definitely lost their allure.

As for Mr. Oizo, his album is good but it’s the same old same old that it just doesn’t stand out for me anymore.

Anyways, I’m going to have to look up those other artists you mention.

Comment by juliusrock

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