Hate or Masturbate: Weekend issue by Kish
December 19, 2011, 9:37 PM
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Hate or Masturbate posts are few and far between, so if you’re not sure whether I’m just being vulgar or if I am actually making a point here, check this out and everything will make a lot more sense.  So let’s get things going…

Any Excuse & The Likes of You Presents: Aeroplane + Carl Craig @Roxanne Parlour

So this was an unmissable gig and only having seen The Magician a few weeks earlier, seeing Vito in action was something I wasn’t going to miss. Can’t say he disappointed either. Carl Craig was playing in another room for 3 hours (yeah yeah) and Vito played in the back room for 2 hours. Aeroplane did not disappoint playing a set only my dreams are made of. However, I was horribly drunk… so I don’t remember much.

Memorable tune? Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Verdict? Masturbate memorably 

Mr Flash @ the worst nightclub in Melbourne….

If you live in Melbourne, you may be aware of a nightclub called Chasers. If not, then ignorance truly is bliss. I won’t spend this time however, crapping on about how that place could be the worst thing since goatees on white men, I will spend it spinning golden sentences about how amazing Mr Flash truly was. He played Positif and followed it with Flesh which caused an uncontrollable double eargasm. He was cool, calm and oh so collected and played an amazingly crafted set to all 10 of us who were excited to see him. Was it worth the venture into no man’s land – yes. Would I do it again – yes, only this time with a cattle prod so the disgusting collection of males knew wassup.

Memorable tune? Mr Flash – Flesh

Verdict? Masturbate privately in a expensive boudoir to make up for the catastrophe that club was.

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