Mixtape Monday by Kish

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, my brother used up all the internet usage on porn and has ruined everything for me and you. Let’s kill him together.. and when I say together, I mean you do it. Cool? Moving on… here is music.

♫ Tronik Youth – December 2011 Mix free download

Tronik Youth just put out their December mix a few days ago (god he is speedy with the rate he puts out these mixes). As you would expect, it is a funky mix of grooves that will keep you happy and tapping that foot until the sun sets. So if you’re partial to deep tracks, with fat bass and vocals that are out of this world, then this is a good mix to get you started.  Oh and there is that Goldroom remix of Niki and the Dove again….

Best track? Pink Stallone – Help Yourself (this track is actually amazing)

♫ Derrick Carter & Dj Sneak Live @ Industry on 4 Tables download

So a lot of us get a music boner to most (all) Derrick Carter‘s tunes and who hasn’t enjoyed the prospect of fixing a sink ever since they discovered DJ Sneak. What if I said, I found something that is essentially the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of the music world….awesome, right? This is a live set from Derrick Carter AND Dj Sneak, and it’s dope. No tracklist and downloads have expired… unless you download it here 😉

♫Cosmonauts – November Top Ten Mix

The Cosmonauts release a top ten mix every month. They just put out their top 10 from November, and it’s safe to say that their taste is impeccable.  They turn finding the tracklist into a bit of a run around, so just check out the comments at the end of the post for them. It’s a good little mix of disco house and synthy goodness.

Best track? Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Dictator (Luke Million Remix) wowowowowowow

♫ Mighty Mouse December Mix

The tracklist suggests that this one is worth the download. Mighty Mouse is pretty great, so a mix is like a little piece of their mind for you to keep. Yum.

♫ Mickey Moonlight Nova Mix


I am a massive Ed Banger groupie, so it was only natural that I would listen to this and like it. It’s nice to see Mickey Moonlight back in action. It is a mix that takes you on an other-worldly journey. I recommend a spliff, glass of coke and cloud watching with this mix. No tracklist and I couldn’t id most of the songs 😦

Here is one from the mix: Sam Tiba – 420


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– Kish


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