Disco and Wahzo by Kish
November 30, 2011, 5:11 PM
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So I am capped. I don’t actually know how. We just got our internet usage increased, but my brother has just finished highschool so I assume it is Fap City in his room right now. Which sux for me because I can’t get myself tunes or crappy rom coms to fill my time with. First world problems.

Also, Mr Oizo is in Melbourne somewhere right now and I am not there. My life sucks so bad right now. So let’s share some disco from the vault. I promise it is all really good (like your mum).

♫ One-Two-Three – Runaway
So this is a mad disco tune. Such cool vocals, a fresh beat…. but the most ridiculous lyrics haha. “Your father was a drunk and your family poor”.

Lustt – Pillow Talk (Instrumental)
Most of the time when I hear a cool track from the 80s, I think “Fuck, I need the instrumental more than I need oxygen at this very moment in time”. Instead of bartering precious oxygen with the universe,  I have it here for you.

♫ Mr T – Mr T’s Commandments (Instrumental).
This song can do without the Mr T medicority over the top – yes, I am prepared to experience his wrath within 30 seconds of this being published. Either way, it is a deep disco tune and all you need is a the voices of babes reminding you of the song title in various intervals “Mr T’s Commandments, ohhh oh“.

And here is some Oizo for good measure (my heart is aching)

♫ Mr Oizo – I Was A Straw And I Was Anxious

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– Kish

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