Interviewing: Perseus by Kish
November 27, 2011, 6:45 PM
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Perseus is a man I am sure you have heard of and is known to friends and Russian girlfriends alike as, Leon. He has a rare musical touch and it seems he is turning everything he touches into audible gold.  Perseus’ sound is other worldly with a kiss of tropical sweetness, making him a man that stands out, catching the eye of heavyweights like The Magician.

We sat down and spoke about receiving royalties from Kleenex, getting revenge on Will.I.Am and molotov cocktails.


Q Who is your favourite three-named musician and why?
LEON Does Notorious “B.I.G.” count (business instead of game)?? Probably old school Armin Van Buuren. I grew up with many different sounds in the house (motown, r&b, disco), but the most memorable was probably the lyric-less trance. Nothing but epic, sweeping chords that would float you to another place; somewhere euphoric and it wasn’t always go-mental stuff either.

Q So how does it feel to have one of your tunes as the opening track in The Magician’s Magic Tape Seventeen?
LEON Thrilling. People entrust their tastebuds to him every month, and I’m glad to see he supports my sounds first. Having Stephen’s support is grand. Aside from being an incredibly grounded individual, he is also very like-minded. This has been the 3rd time cutting the ribbon to a magic tape, so far (New Life, Russian Girlfriends, now Cool Runnings).

Q This isn’t the first time you’ve received props on your amazing musicality – Mark Ronson has given you two thumbs up on one of your remixes, saying it was so good he “could cry”. I couldn’t possibly think of bigger names to get such awesome feedback from. If you could choose, who would your ultimate fan be?
LEON Shoud be receiving royalties from Kleenex, eh? Not trying to impress anyone in specific here, but it’s always great to see titans tip their hat.

Q How did you land on ‘Perseus’? Slayed a few evil Medusa-esque bitches in your time?
LEON Was watching the best/the worst movie ever, Clash of the Titans (2011). thought it sounded like Cassius… ‘m down with that

Q You’ve been teasing everyone with previews of what sound like beautifully put together tracks. When are you going to put us out of our misery and release them!?
LEON  2 tracks will be imminently releasing through French Express, and some more throughout the grid. Cool Runnings and its counterpart b-side will soon be out with remixes on Tensnake’s Mirau as well.

Q What kind of equipment do you use to make your tracks and is there anything in particular you’re eyeing off at the moment?
LEON all in-the-box at the moment. The once-crusty digital sound is back in full effect.

Q What’s your experience with Russian girlfriends? That is one accent you need to make a whole-hearted commitment to.
LEON Don’t want to get molotov-cocktailed in the middle of the night… going to have to keep quiet about that.

Q Did you hear about Will.I.Am recently kicking Strip Steve off mid way through his set? What a piece of shit. What would you do if you were in Strip Steve’s place… I’m expecting to be impressed.
LEON Mame his fingers and save radio as we know it or probably pull the fire alarm… yea, I’m vindictive.

Q You seem to be really keen on a lot of 80s disco and this is obviously a big influence on your music today. How were you introduced to disco and what other influences have been present in your music?
LEON Disco’s been introduced to me in the womb. R&B has been equally big for me as well… time to bring it back

Q So what does the future hold for Perseus, French Express and Russian relationships?
LEON Lots of music and shows for P, more music and TLC for all the people of FE, and some dry martinis for the RG’s in bikinis.

Thanks Perseus for your time, the future looks blindingly bright for you and I hope it stays that way!

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– Kish

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