Tyson: After You’re Gone Remixes by Kish
November 23, 2011, 1:03 PM
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So, pretty much as soon as I saw this in my email, I knew it would all be beyond amazing. Tyson found a place in my heart after falling head over heels in lust with The Swiss remix of Out Of My Mind. The initial intent of this post was to showcase the best remixes of Tyson’s new track After You’re Gone but it turns out I did a really bad job, only having the heart to leave the Legowelt remix out.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone download

The original is very disco, with a bass line that sounds like something out of an 80s sex scene. The chords are magical and the vocals are sweet and melancholy with the lyrics dripping sadness – but the track is so good that you can forget them all together. Check out the video clip – it’s got babes.

Tyson – After You’re Gone (Joe Goddard Remix) download

If you’re a reader of the blerg, you would know that I’m a massive Joe Goddard groupie… if you’re not, fuck you for not being friends earlier and by the way, I love Joe Goddard more than ice cream topping itself. This is a really dark remix. I can just imagine it being played in a dark, cramped cave, full of attractive ravers (they never are in real life).

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (Solo Remix) download

Here is a cool ’11pm remix’ by Solo. It’s not as dark as Joe Goddard’s remix, it’s crisp and deep, just like a really good apple should be.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (Dmitri From Paris Remix) download

Let’s up the tempo a bit and move onto another remix, this time from no other than Dmitri From Paris. Off topic – but Dmitri is such a great name. I like the lack of vowels between the ‘d’ and the ‘m’. Anyway, this is groovy as fuck and if you are partial to some cowbell, you’re in luck.

♫ Tyson – After You’re Gone (The Magician Remix) download

So when I saw there was a remix by The Magician, naturally my heart stopped and I battled through every obstacle just to listen to it. I said earlier the song was melancholy, well this remix definitely plays on that. From 2:35 the track gets piano heavy. It’s so bittersweet, and with the added chords and vocals, it makes the second half of this remix a real masterpiece – oh and listen out for the signature clappage (no I’m not talking about your genitals).

What do you think of the remixes? I don’t think you could have gotten bigger names to do them. If you’re in Melbourne town and love The Magician, come to Roxanne Parlour this Saturday. He’ll be treating the clerb to his tricks of the trade.

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– Kish


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