Mixtape Monday by Kish

I did a mixtape roundup last week, but I love alliteration more than life itself so I’ve dubbed this day Mixtape Monday – fancy no? I don’t like mixtapes a whole lot, mostly because there is usually nothing special about them.  So what you will find here each Monday will hopefully be mixes with some awesome tunes sprinkled throughout or mixes with some crazy shit going on in them. So check back at the start of every horrible week and find something tantalizing.

♫ Telonius Dj Charts November 2011 (free download)

You can always rely on Telonius for a good time. I want to go on record as saying, everything Gomma releases is amazing. This is a nice mix of spacey breakdowns and housey vocals.

Best track? Justin Martin & Ardalan – Lezgo (download)

♫ Manuel Kim DJ Charts November 2011

Unable to take my eyes away from the lusty Gomma soundcloud page, I find another mix by Manuel Kim – he is after all the label Manager, so this is bound to be good. This mix is a little ‘Melbourne represent’, with tracks from Francis Inferno Orchestra, Tornado Wallace and a remix by Fantastic Man (Mic Newman). Groovy, deep and smooth. If you are so inclined, lay back and have a drink to this one.

Best track? The Francis Inferno Orchestra – I Need It (Fantastic Man’s Electric Boogaloo Remix) 

Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session October 2011

Drop Out Orchestra
know whats up. It was actually impossible for me to land on a track that I thought was the best.. because they were all just that good. Such a great vibe, and even better – all DOP edits and tasty treats are available on their Soundcloud. The downloads on their page has run out, but you can download it here – see it’s worth reading posts.

Best Track? Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix) + TLC / Drop Out Edit  (everyone loves a TLC vocal)

Treasure Fingers  EU Tour Nov Mix 2011

No better way to finish off but with Treasure Fingers. I’ve been listenng to this one in my car for a few days now, and can firmly give it the two thumbs up. That Edwin Van Cleef track he opens with is so amazing that I want to name my next pet “Edwin Van Qweef“.

Best Track? Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (VIP mix) 


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– Kish

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