Ugly Kids by Kish

Is it a genuine worry of yours? As horrible as it is… I sometimes worry that my kids will turn out ugly. What if somewhere, 100’s of years ago, I had a hideous Great, Great, Great, Great (I think that is enough Greats for 100’s of years ago…) Grandmother with a nose that looked like a toe – life would be over. So while I am in my 20’s and disgustingly vain, I will stick with these ugly kids, because they don’t bring upon a panic attack.

Ugly Kids are Tony + Zoel and they sound like what making love to a consenting piano would do for your ears.  Without an original track in sight, Ugly Kids kinda have me wondering who they are outside the remix realm. Whether they can make an original track comparable to their remixes is only something I can chin-stroke over, their remixes will suffice for this post.

I first noticed them when I got the Edwin Van Cleef Never Be Alone At Night EP and was I impressed. They remixed the title track and it is a summery blend and a very nice, relaxed, funkier version of the original. Dare I say, at the very beginning of the track, the notes have the same progression as Flight Facilities Crave You. Here is some D.I.Y for you babes – compare the original and remix and see for yourself 😉

♫ Edwin Van Cleef – Never Be Alone At Night (feat Gemini Club) fuck this is a great track

♫ Edwin Van Cleef – Never Be Alone At Night (feat Gemini Club) (Ugly Kids Remix)

See what I mean? That’s the kind of vibe with their remixes really; a heap of piano and funk. I like. They’ve remixed my favourite kid, Kido Yoji. Already an amazing song, as you would expect, but this is a beautiful remix thanks to these genetically unlucky kids.

♫ Kido Yoji – Am 3:33 (Ugly Kids Remix)

Here is another few remixes of musical babes, Barretso and Kavinsky

♫ Barretso – Chase (Ugly Kids Remix)

♫ Kavinsky – Nightcall (Ugly Kids Remix)


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– Kish


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