Take a gamble and have a listen to: CASINO by Kish

You may or may not have heard of Casino – no, not the kind which leaves you going home ashamed, broke and betting Lisa’s saxophone away, this is the Casino that is smooth, delectable and doesn’t have that ‘old people smell’. There isn’t much information available on the interwebs at this point in time, but they state their genre as being ‘2012 Balearic Italo Synth Pop‘ which I would say is not only accurate, but an amazing self imposed genre.

They are from Melbourne, Australia, (where most awesome things are from, i.e. me….) and are made up of Riccardo and Harris. You may know them as Harris Robotis, We:Are:Fans but they are in absolute amazing form as Casino, and are back with a different sound – a way in which you may not have heard them before.

Harris Robotis – Up All Night

While their musical treats are scarce, they have a remix of James Curd pres. Ziggy Franklin’s So Far Away which is, safe to say a smooth blend of Belearic Italo-Disco Synth Pop… uncanny.

♫ James Curd presents Ziggy Franklin – So Far Away (Casino Remix)

And if that isn’t enough for you, feed yourself on this delectably mixed.. well mix from the boys. If you go onto their Soundcloud they have the full tracklist (I die) and a bunch of Casino edits, remixes and soon to be releases in the mix for those of you who are intrigued.

♫ Casino – Ace of Spades Mixtape I (Free Download)


♫ James Curd Presents Ziggy Franklin – In Your Eyes (We Are Fans Remake)

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– Kish 

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