We’re back and so is Shazam by Kish
November 3, 2011, 4:56 PM
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Sorry about the extreme hiatus I imposed on the blog. Seriously intense writers block (I’m lying, I’m just fabulously lazy). If anyone is keen on writing for us, shoot me an email daft_kish@live.com and we’ll have a chat!

Moving on…
Shazam is a name hoards of people have become familiar with over the years, with his amazing leads and synth work leaving love bites on our minds. If you’re feeling a bit left out, because you haven’t experience the musical hickey that is Shazam, well just quickly, he is a humble little guy from Perth, Australia who has been making the funkiest tunes around since your mum.

We haven’t heard from Shazam for quite a while now, 7 months to be exact, with his remix of Sander Kleinenberg.

♫ Sander Kleinenberg – The Healer (Shazam Remix)

He has been pretty quiet, keeping everyone hanging for more (girls note: see how he doesn’t give it all up straight away, this applies to other facets of life 😉 ). Thankfully, Shazam is back, with his second remix of the formiddable Toni Toni Lee. They too are from the land of shrimps and BBQs, producing fat beats from Sydney.

Although you can still hear signature Shazam sounds, this is a very different remix to his last one of TTL. In fact, the very beginning reminds me of a Flying Lotus track – wack right? When it drops in however, it manages to kick into a dark funky beat, whilst balancing an all around chill yet spacey sound all at the same time. Amaze.

♫ Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (Shazam Remix)

This is a stark contrast of course to his fucking funky piece of ass/tune that was his remix of Feelin Real Good which is neither dark nor spacey – but just a really great, synthy, upbeat remix that you will never get sick of.. ever.

♫ Toni Toni Lee – Feelin Real Good (Shazam Remix)

Buy Toni Toni Lee – Girl I Used To Know (Shazam Remix) here

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– Kish 


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