Moullinex: Interview by Kish
September 8, 2011, 5:45 PM
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has been a name synonymous with great music for a long time now. One of the fairy godmother’s of Discotexas, a treasured artist at team Gomma Records and an all round good guy, Moullinex doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon. I sat down with Moullinex on an e-date where I complimented his moustache, and he, in turn didn’t compliment me at all BUT answered all my questions like a champ.

I only recently found out that you changed your name from one ‘L’ to transform into ‘Moullinex’ with two ‘L’s because of a French kitchen equipment brand called ‘Moulinex’. Did they threaten to throw a fridge at you, whats the story?

There’s horror story at all – upon signing to Gomma Records we decided it was a safe way to go. We even dreamt up a video where men in suits would confiscate my kitchen appliances – but truth be told I never had any formal complaint from them.

How do your dj sets compare to your live performances?

Apples and oranges. In the sense that they’re both sweet and good for you, hopefully, but they taste very different. DJ is just me and live it’s with the whole gang.

Nice Moustache. Is it true if you stroke it you get three wishes?

So the story goes. I can’t imagine what kind of wishes someone who likes to stroke moustaches a lot has.

But it’s cool for storing soup if you get hungry in the evening.

Rumours are you’re going to release an album soon? Should we expect production similar to what we’ve heard from you in the past or something new?

I’ve been postponing it in this weird, unsatisfied procrastination routine – we (me and the people i’m working on it – Luis Calçada on bass, Bruno Cardoso on the guitars, and quite a lot of other friends) gathered recorded material worth of 2 albums but it doesn’t seem to make us proud enough, so i’ve decided to go the EP route for now. Each has a concept to it, and it works like a mini-album.

‘Lover in me’ is one of my favourite all time songs, what is one of your favourite songs?

I guess the ones I love most are the ones which took me longer to do. ‘Tear Club’, on the Chocolat EP and ‘Sunflare’, coming out this fall on Gomma, are my favourites to date.

From all time fav songs, it’s hard to do a top 10 but it’s actually easy to do a top 1: Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady takes the prize.

Your music is difficult to pigeon hole into a particular genre, so naturally it only belongs in a super genre; if you had to come up with a new name for your sound, what would it be?

Hard one. Three genres work? Mocassin Spaghetti, Prog Disco, Poolside Acid.

Your one of the godfathers of Discotexas. What goes on in one of these Discotexas monthly parties you run at Lux?

I’ll tell you what doesn’t go on: seriousness, boredom and bad music. We have a great party there and we’ve had amazing guests: Aeroplane, Glimmers, Shit Robot, In Flagranti, Riva Starr, Fred Falke… so many.

You recently signed Australian duo Coupons, to your record label, Discotexas. What does it take to catch your attention?

Making great music and being cool. As in supernice, intelligent cool.

What does the real Moullinex get up to for fun?

Lately time is not so big. I don’t go out much really. For me it’s like a lawyer going to the court in the weekend to hang out. I do go see concerts or DJ sets, though, eat out with friends and do long cinema runs where we get out of one movie and immediately after into the next one. We’ve never been caught.

Anything special planned for the future? Are you going to head back to Australia soon with your live performance and your bff Xinobi anytime soon?

The future is now 🙂 My new EP, Sunflare is out on Gomma Oct 7th. Right now we’re working on the video and it’s looking awesome.

As for tours, we are cooking up something special and i hope I can tell you about it soon, but not yet!


If you want more Luis in your life, here’s a good place to start

Moullinex Website

Moullinex Soundcloud
Moullinex Facebook

Discotexas Website

– Kish

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