Depths and limitations. by iapetus
August 29, 2011, 7:23 PM
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These posts do not contain music you would expect to hear on FS.. but i guess that’s why i’m here so if this post somehow displeases you, i suggest you feast on some crème de la knob.

We throw genres around like used jimmy hats these days (that’s what i do with mine at least) but half of the bullshit names used are just ridiculous. I mean how do you really classify music from the likes of Flying Lotus? Future hop? Glitch hop? Instrumental hip hop? The point is who gives a shit. The same can be said for the songs and artists I post today. I’ve been listening to these bands for years and have read reviews where the sounds have been boxed into categories by the names of drone, shoegaze, post-rock (oh the ‘post’ prefix, what a downer) but just as before, who gives a shit. Keep an open mind and try not to pay attention to branding, you might discover something absolutely amazing and never look back.

Purple Confusion – Cloud in Your Eyes
School of Emotional Engineering – To Be Continued
Ben Frost – Theory of Machines

Now some background. Purple Confusion is a defunct group of the french label Gooom containing 2 artists from the now very popular M83, including the mastermind Anthony Gonzalez himself. School of Emotional Engineering is lead by Ben Frost, also the creator of the third song listed and is a Melbournian that now lives in Iceland. He’s also had succesful collaborations with the likes of Björk and holds no relation to the Australian visual artist of the same name. These songs come from 3 of my favourite albums ever written so if you like any of them, i highly suggest you get the respective album/s and listen to it/them from start to finish for 3 days straight.


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