Lo-Fi-Fnk: ‘The Last Summer’ Album Review by Kish
August 26, 2011, 7:19 PM
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Lo-Fi-Fnk are back with their new album ‘The Last Summer’ and its pretty good. It’s a mixture of lightly popped electro that is enough to turn a grey day into mellow shade of yellow. The relaxed vocals and synth-pop beats Lo-Fi-Fnk are known for are littered generously throughout the album.

Last Summer is one of the standout tracks. It leaves me with a strange mix of nostalgia, impending loss and excitement. I really highly regard a track that can elicit so many different emotions within 3:36 minutes. “And another one comes and another one goes”. At the end of every summer, I feel this exact same way.

After melting into your chair, the albums moves into a dancier, poppier corner, where the girls are wearing sparkly shoes and have strange colours in their hair. Boom is a fun track that I would play on repeat during Summer, of which I would later reminisce about while listening to Last Summer (if only that were a segue-way… it would have been awesome). I think Want U is very similar to Boom, in it’s light-heartedness and it’s ability to make me dance.  They’re just the kind of tracks you want to hear on a warm summer night while you dance in a pool full of strangers.

Forever is a really amazing track in it’s own right. No vocals for the majority of the track on this one, which kind of makes it feel like an interlude – a very cool, long interlude. When I listen to it, I can just imagine a really drunk, weed induced dance off at some hipster’s parent’s house. Sleepless is however, my favourite track. The fun and frivolity, that beat that is dripping with happiness is just a pleasure to listen to.

This album reeks of summer, but in a way that makes you genuinely forget about the uncomfortable sweating, the stench of body odour on public transport and the inability to stay cool. It paints summer as a long forgotten love, and that’s what makes this album so wonderful to listen to. It grows on you… it really does.

My rating: ★★★½

What do you think of the album?

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Forever

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Last Summer

Lo-Fi-Fnk Website
Lo-Fi-Fnk Soundcloud
Lo-Fi-Fnk Facebook 


– Kish


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