Rogerseventytwo: Interview by Kish
August 7, 2011, 8:28 PM
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Roger Van Der Zwan is Rogerseventytwo. Unless you’ve been hiding under a soundproof rock, you would have heard ‘You Take Me Higher’, and yes, he is the guy responsible for that bomb. He gave me the pleasure of sitting down and asking him some appropriate and inappropriate questions. We speak about groupies, The Walk’s amazing walk and boobs in 3d. So sit down, have a read and learn something new today.

Q You recently played (the most amazing) party in Paris, ‘Fools Gold takes Paris’; with Kavinsky, A-Trak, Chromeo, Breakbot, DJ Craze and Nick Catchdubs. How was it supporting those talented motherfuckers?

It was a huge honour to be included in such a line-up and venue. I wasn’t sure if I had to party the whole night with the crowd or just act cool in the backstage. So I chose the VIP deck a lot. That’s where you party with the crowd and act cool hahaha. But it was an amazing experience to play my first solo gig at such a huge venue and to shake hands with the guys from Chromeo and the man himself A-Trak. And it was cool to meet Breakbot again.

Q Any good groupie stories from that night? I’m sure there would have to be – Kavinsky is the pied piper of bitches.

Yeah, Kavinsky is the man! That’s all I can say hahaha. Unfortunately no groupies were interested in me I guess. At least I didn’t see any. Kavinsky probably took them all. So no crazy stories so far… I know, very boring, sorry dear readers. But isn’t Australia known by their groupies?

Q Haha, what have you heard about Australian groupies?

That they are always ready to party… and afterparty!

Q You also just played at Shoreditch Festival, in London, and have a list of awesome festivals you’re playing at, including Lief Festival and Zomerparkfeest. What do you enjoy more, club gigs or festivals? 

It all depends on the vibe of the crowd. Big festival spots are good to boost your ego and can be amazing, but small club gigs are good to create a certain connection with the crowd. What I like about festivals or in general about big crowds is that you don’t have that much direct eye-contact. You just look at all the people at once. So it’s more difficult to spot someone who doesn’t like what you’re playing. It keeps you positive. In small clubs there are always a couple of visitors who don’t like the music that you play. And those people always attract the most attention [from me].

Q Any plans to come to Australia soon? Maybe you could play some festivals here!

It would be a dream if I could play in Australia. I don’t know why, probably because it’s on the other side of the world and that I want to know what it’s like to be there. I wanna know what vibe Australia has. And of course taste the party culture there. But…. There is something going on between Australia and me, but I can’t say much about it yet… So I really hope I can visit Australia very soon!

Q What was your first impression of Tom Doorschodt (The Walk) when you first met?

I probably met him the first time when we were 10 years old on the tennis court. I was a bit scared at the beginning because his walk was really impressive. But when he started to talk to me and said I could join the court the sweet lovely guy came above and we were best friends before I knew. Now, 16 years later, his walk is a classic trademark and he doesn’t show it so often. But when he does… wow.

Q Who influences you musically? Are your influences vastly different or very much the same to Tom’s?

I think my influences are so wide I can’t even make a top 1000. I love so many different styles of music and I get influenced by every kind. Sometimes just the technical parts or the arrangment, the sound use etc. There are so many different (and small) things you can be influenced from in music. You can learn from every track, also the ones you don’t like. It’s just about keeping your own direction with all those influences.

I think Tom and I like slightly different tracks, but that’s our strength. It keeps our sound dynamic and we keep each other fresh with new influences..

Q So for those of us looking longingly into the eyes of the future, should we be expecting more from Rogerseventytwo or more from TWR72? How do you separate the two projects and how would you say they differ?

Hard to tell. You never know what’s gonna happen. Both projects are going really well at the moment. Lots of stuff is going to happen. And I hope I can make both projects equally important. We are proud that TWR72 has grown the last year, we worked hard on it so it’s cool to see this underground project getting attention and is supported by all the artists we love. The Rogerseventytwo project is an example of a more commercial approach. A catchy track which a lot of people like and it got released by a real strong and big label so there is much more support at once.

What I can say is that it are really seperate projects. TWR72, my project with The Walk, is much more underground and techno based. My solo Rogerseventytwo project is more on the house side and more commercial.

I like the fact that I can work on different projects. It keeps me fresh and excited. And it’s interesting because these different styles both need a different approach of technical mixing.

Q Congratulations on your EP being released on Fool’s Gold! You’re definitely in good company there. How did it all come about, since ‘You Take Me Higher’ is a track that has been around for about 2 years?

Well it’s a track I made in 2003. So it’s 8 years old already. I noticed a year ago that A-Trak played it and he also played it as Duck Sauce. I was pretty surprised that he got the track and played it. It also felt strange because it was such a long time ago [that] I made it. And suddenly last year A-Trak contacted me to ask if You Take me Higher was ever released. So I made a new improved version and the connection was made and the release was there. It was exactly the right choice. You Take me Higher is doing really well. I never knew it would have such an impact in the dance scene. And the story even continues.

Q If you could have 72 of anything, what would it be?
72 Roger’s. Not because I’m full of myself but because I would be able to switch my life once in a while without stopping the other one. That’s how I would enjoy life to the fullest, because life goes to damn fast!

Q Do you think your remix of ‘Paramount’ was a turning point for you, in terms of it being a track that started getting you noticed a whole lot more (because it is so fucking awesome)? 

Thanks! But I believe You Take me Higher is more a real turning point. I’m more conscious now. I mean, it was amazing that I got some attention because of the paramount remix. But I prefer talking about the future. There is more in front of me than behind me.

Q Boobs or booty?

I just got ‘The Big Book of Breasts 3D’ off one of my best friends. He knows what I prefer ;)(they need to be natural though…)

Q You launched AMSTEREO, a club night of yours in Amsterdam, in 2007. You housed a lot of amazing acts, including Danger, Breakbot and Teenage Bad Girl, just to name a few. Has running a club night changed your views on the electronic music scene at all? 

The party was just for fun to give talented unknown producers a chance to play in the Netherlands. We were the first who got all these names in the Netherlands. We also had Djedjotronic and Hey Today for example. It was a great time, but it’s good that we ended it. Now I’m just focusing on making music and perform[ing]. That’s when you really ‘see’ what’s happening in the electronic music scene.

K Thank you Roger for speaking with me! Hope to see you down here very soon and keep making those tunes that makes all the girls swoon.

Sure, no problem!

If you want more Roger, check him out here:

Rogerseventytwo Soundcloud
Rogerseventytwo Facebook
TWR72 Soundcloud
TWR72 Facebook

– Kish 

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