XINOBI: Interview by Kish
July 7, 2011, 10:35 PM
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If you’ve ever felt weird about making a friend over Myspace, have no fear, Xinobi is here – he makes it look (as crazy as it may seem) socially acceptable. But he IS one of the maestros over at Discotexas, so pretty much anything he touches turns to cool. Grab a bourban and sit down and get aquainted with Xinobi. We talk about music, threesomes and Texas, its fun.

Q Congratulations on your ‘Best Of Me’ EP. How do you feel about it being released on Kris Menace’s label Work it Baby?
BRUNO It’s always grateful to see your music in a catalogue full of artists you admire, such as Kris himself, Fred Falke or Patrick Alavi. So releasing a second EP via Work It Baby felt, of course, good.

How did you and the mystical Moullinex meet?
BRUNO Moullinex and I met in a place a lot of people met 4 years ago. Myspace. He wrote me in a shy-and-sweet mode, asking to remix my band at that time. After some messages, we basically started to work together. First by criticizing each other’s work and, further in the time we ended up making music together, sharing studios, tour together etc.

What current artists do you think are really making waves in music today?
BRUNO There’s so much good music being made today it’s almost scary. I could go and mention all the people signed to Discotexas ahaha. And I will, later in the interview.

But moving people, for me, are those that have one step in the mainstream and still make the most wonderful music that can appeal to both masses like more indie or even snob crowds. Artists such as Retro/grade, Azari & III, Tensnake, Soul Clap, Boys Noize, Wolf + Lamb, Nicolas Jaar, Riva Star… These might not be my favorite artists (although I like all of them) but they all set an example. As for tendencies and leading on aesthetics I think speaking of labels is more appropriated. DFA still rules the world. Instruments of Rapture is an amazing label. Relish, Permanent Vacation, Gomma, Snatch!… Boys Noize records is also having something like a golden age. There’s, as I said, so many good stuff it’s impossible to remember everything. I’m sure I’m forgetting really important and inspiring people.

Q When you were younger you went from enjoying rock to heavy metal to punk. Are any of those influences present in your production today? How did you make the transition from liking music about eating dead corpses for breakfast to producing music that is essentially electronic disco?
BRUNO Mhhh, it’s not as linear as that. I still love Punk, Metal and a lot of “hard-rock” artists. At the time I was really into punk and metal. I was never only focused on that [genre of] music. The first time I heard the Super-Discount album by Etienne de Crecy I was in my peak of punk love. I did not give up this love as I was discovering Daft Punk, Alex Gopher, Kruder and Dorfmeister at the same time I was re-listening to my dad’s tapes of Pink Floyd and Beatles or recording Jamaican dub songs on the flip side of a Bad Religion tape. At, i would say, 18, I kind of established my ecliptic way of dealing with music. ahaha I just wish Internet was available at that period. Oh yes, I’m that old.
Q Who musically inspires you?
BRUNO My last.fm says the music that I listen more at present time is David August, Shit Robot, The Byrds, The Field, Jaffa Surfa, The Bronxs, Black Breath, Crocodiles, Pink Floyd, Best Coast, The Computers, 6th Borough Project, Homework, Tensnake, Adolescents, Black Mountain, Space Art, Bad Religion.. So this is probably something that inspires me. Ahaha

Have any embarrassing stories about Moullinex you’d like to divulge to me? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone…unless someone reads this blog…
BRUNO Mhhh, I’m sure I have as many as he has [about] me. The thing is that he drinks sometimes, and he might know some stories about me. Ahaha. But let’s keep all this secret…
Q Are you aware if there is much disco in Texas?
BRUNO No idea. But the both times I played in some Texas city [disco] always worked good and people enjoyed, so… There’s a lot of people that think Discotexas is based in Texas. I might understand why.

Q Sadly, I read that you held your last Discotexas Titan Thursday night at Lux recently. What went on at these gatherings? Was Moullinex’s moustache the star or did a lot seedier things go on?
BRUNO AHAHAH. There was a last Discotexas Titan, but we still throw partys at Lux with different names such as A Discotexas Affair. We still invite great foreign artists and handle them with warm Portuguese sympathy and give them a great time. We’ve also motivated a greater interaction between [the] audience and ourselves, like inviting kids to dinner with us or to wear moustaches bigger than Moullinex or to be more nerdy than Rockets/Lazydisco, to be dumber than Bandido$ or to be more serious than our “father” Mr. Mitsuhriato. We’re also starting a paid contest to see if someone can FINALLY cut FLiP’s hair. It’s about time.

One of my favourite remixes of yours is the one you did of Threesome’ by Loose Shus. Who would you have a threesome with?
BRUNO When I get loaded and/or drunk I might be able to reply to this ahaha.

You recently signed a couple fellow Australians, Coupons to your label. What does Discotexas have in store for 2011?
Coupons are GREAT kids! Aussie is a great place to find really good music.
Well, the artists and the releases we have planned on the run for Discotexas are the real influence for me now as I have to deal with them on daily basis. We’ve just released More Tigers from Lazydisco and The Publicist’s Professional Show Business pt1.

In a few days we will have our budget summer compilation. And, till the end of the year we’ll have great EPs by Mirror People, Justin Faust, Kamp!, Douze, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, Philosopy of Sound and the second volume of Forbidden Cuts to sequel the classic first Discotexas release. Ufff. So. Many.

If that wasn’t even Bruno for ya belly, check out the Discotexas website for all your withdrawal needs.

– Kish

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