Hate or Masturbate: The Bee Sides Edition by Kish
May 1, 2011, 9:53 PM
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Has everyone got their sweaty hands on a virtual copy of the Bee Sides yet? Does anyone have a real copy? I am tempted to sell my body for it… but then again, I have it in 320 quality anyway. Thank you, The Internet.

Well by now, you should know how this works, because if you do not read my blog every.single.day you are not welcome here, bro. Just in case you want to pretend like you know what I’m talking about, check dis owt.

1. Justice – Civilization (Demo)
Ok, if I’m going to do anything to lose a bunch of readers, this will be it. The song? No vibe. It’s just a worse version of the finished track. Yeah, yeah, I know its a ‘demo’, I can read, but in comparison to how amazin the rest of the tracks are, this does nothing for me, especially in the pants.

Verdict: Hate

2. SebastiAn – Total
SebastiAn seems like a really angry dude just going off this track. Cheer up babes, you have a new album coming out.

Verdict: Don’t hate, but wouldn’t masturbate. Maybe an unenthuasiastic thumbs up…

3.  Breakbot feat. Ruckazoid – Fantasy 
This is the kind of song I wish all songs were like. Breakbot has this distinct sound I think everyone has learnt to appreciate. Fantasy is no exception. Its a happy, upbeat wet dream of a song, which any girl would love.

Verdict: Masturbation nation

4. Carte Blanche – Jack On The Moon
I cannot, for the life of me, get this fucking song, out of my head. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wish they would have used another vocal though, becuase its been used, and to s0me could sound recycled, leaving people thinking “hey i’ve heard this before”. Otherwise, favourite track on the Bsidizzles.

Verdict: Masturbate

5. Busy P – Procrastinator (Bok Box Remix)
I always find it really hard to ‘love’ a Busy P track, but…
I don’t wanna hate, a track that I would rate, the rhymes seem like fate, so i rate it…

Verdict: Masturbate

Breakbot feat. Ruckazoid – Fantasy 

Carte Blanche – Jack On The Moon  

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