Kido Yoji: Interview by Kish
March 9, 2011, 11:15 PM
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If untapped talent is your cup of tea, then I’ll be providing you an entire vat of it, because Kido Yoji is the amazingly talented new kid on the block who will amaze you. If you like Breakbot, pianos and music that soothes the soul, this is it. He is learned, inspirational and his music speaks for itself. Delve into the mind of Kido and lose yourself to his sound.

Q What artists inspire your sound?
KIDO Mostly Cool Notes, D-train, DooBie Brothers; rare groove artists but I also have listened to lots of UK indie stuff.

Q What is the dance music scene in Tokyo like?
KIDO We have only few big clubs here, so the entire market of “dance music” is pretty small i guess. Most dance music fans [here] listen to Europe/US artists. Although there are lots of DJs , we have a very small amount of people (as far I know) who actually produce legitimate tracks that can be played in clubs.

It seems to me that only established artists are keep getting attention b/c there are very few media outlets that [look] into the dance music scene. But I think it’s becoming easier for [the] younger generation/ independent musicians to create their own media/labels through the internet. So maybe it’s changing a bit.

See, where I am from, I have only ever heard about the vending machine madness of Tokyo. What’s the craziest vending machine you guys have over there?
KIDO Well I’ve seen vending machine that sells all sorts of weird condoms when I was a little, but that was not in tokyo. I heard there is one that makes soup-noodles for you, but I have not seen it.

Q The music you produce as Salman is so different to the kind of music you produce individually, what’s the story there?
KIDO I started Salman because I just wanted to test out if I could produce more bandsound-like stuff (you know, shoe-gaze, chillwave…) It’s that simple. I also wanted to sing, but I did not have any tracks that could match up with my voice at that time. The moment I wrote the song part, I was immersed in producing Salman. I mean I really was not concern[ed] about timing or what people would think about it. I just feel like I have to separate Me and Salman because I knew that we live in different world.

And after I promoted the track ‘When the sun rises’, many people liked it. Soon after I’ve got a live offer. That is when I started to scout my bandmates.

Q How did you and Bazz (Salman) meet?
KIDO I first started talking to him on the internet(I forgot if it was on myspace or other SNS thingy) because I was inspired by his amazing mixes. I finally met him at Womb (one of the biggest club in Tokyo) when he was playing for RocTrax Night.

Q How did being signed to Greenskeepers Music come about?
KIDO I actually have not signed their contracts yet, but they released my tracks anyways haha. Don’t worry I’m dealing with this problem right now:/Kidzrec (my label) booked mighty James Curd for the live gig of 80kidz for DJing last summer and that is when I gave him my Demo CD. He texted me about releasing EP the day after and yes, I was quite shocked.

Q Favourite Greenskeepers’ song?

Your sound is very French, and in my opinion reminiscent of Breakbot; you said you were looking to move away from that, into a different sound. What can we expect from you in the future?
KIDO I guess more singing, guitars, and some UK feelings keeping the goodness of Disco/Funk grooves/Vintage warms. I would love to do a piano solo piece too.

How would you describe your sound?
KIDO Warm and nice

I’ve read that you are a fan of the classic white sneakers + black pants + blue shirt look. Do you secretly wish you were a character on the Simpsons so you could wear that ensemble everyday?
KIDO How did you know that

Slightly psychic, plus I wish the same thing.

Who is bigger in Japan, Caspule (カプセル) or Daft Punk?
KIDO I guess equal amounts of people know them both. But I believe they listen to Capsule more, just because they are cuter.

If you could pick anyone in the world to collaborate musically with, who would it be?
Too many to name…Thomas Mars?

You are relatively young, yet your favourite musicians of all time range from Robert Glasper, Silver Connection to Gonzales, how were you introduced to such diverse music, but most importantly, music that would be considered to be ‘before your time’?
KIDO Well, I used to goto school in NY when I was in highschool. There, I gained most of my musical background. I started playing guitar for the school-jazz band and all of my band-mates were mad about music. That is when I got into funk/fusion stuff. Before that I was only listening to UK indies, which I still love. My parents also owned some collections of vinyls from 70s~80 at home, so I was pretty familiar with the oldies ever since I was a child. And I started to love these styles of rare grooves and smooth funk even more when I actually learned how to play.

What made you start producing music?
KIDO I was taking some music theory class back in school, and we had an assignment which we had to record our own music. So I played around with Protools and fancy Nord synth that they had in school-studio. And I really liked the process of it.

The first song I made sounded like one of “I am Robot And Proud” songs, you know, more electronica style. But I was not too serious about it yet though. When I came back to Japan, I heard about 80kidz. And I was quite shocked when I figured out that they were actually from Japan. At that time, I was really into electro/french stuff since guys from Ed Banger/Kitsune were producing some really interesting stuff. And I think 80kidz were the only producers from Japan who named themselves in those kinds of scenes.

I definitely felt that the music industry has grown more global and borderless ever since then. I wanted to see how far I could go with my musical background to expand listeners world-wide.

For me personally, it is difficult to choose a favourite song of yours, because they are all so great, do you have a personal favourite?
KIDO Too kind! But I really can’t decide either because I always end up thinking that I could have done a better job. However, I definitely have lots of personal memories in “Won’t You Come Again

Congratulations on your ‘Won’t You Come Again’ EP and looking forward to your forthcoming EP in May!
KIDO Thank you!


Kido Yoji – Won’t You Come Again

Kido Yoji Offcial

Kidz Rec. Official 

Kido Yoji soundcloud

Kido Yoji facebook

– Kish


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