Quinten 909: Interview by Kish
March 5, 2011, 5:46 PM
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When I say Quinten 909, what comes to mind? Well if dinosaurs, Mike Posner and ‘spaceshit’ isn’t what you thought he was about, read this interview, learn something new, and become a groupie of Mr 909.

Q So Quinten, you wake up one morning, decide to make a track and end up with something amazing like ‘You Are My Friend’, that is pretty awesome… Now that I just blatantly flattered you, can we be friends?

A Haaa! Yes, now we are friends. And I will always tell you this, just hope I don’t have to lie 😉

Q Talking about friends, how did you and Leonardus become acquainted?

A I listened to his music and he listened to mine, we got in touch via various digital ways and were then both booked at a festival in The Seychelles Islands in Africa. We spent a week there and became good friends. Poka, the greek disco dude, was also there by the way: Awesome crazy ass drunk dude!!

Q How was it hanging with Talkbox Mayhem? Have you ever had talkbox competitions with him?

A Yeah, well he’s just not that fun to compete with… cause he’s so damn good you know? Actually I recorded some vocals before Mayhem did for the track that is now Closer To Me. It was about unicorns, pink-haired girls and icecreams I believe… Anyway, he listened to it and said “Fuck that dude, you wanna be a rockstar or play at funerals and babyshowers?! Let me handle this.” And he handled it.

Q What is the most embarrassing song that you secretly love? I know your Mr. Cool 909 but If you admit to one, I’ll admit to one too.

A Hmmm good one. I guess Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me. It’s a pop hit, but it’s just so good… Sorry world. Well whats yours?

Ahahahahaha. Before I laugh too much, I guess I’ll stay true to my promise and just tell you and get judged by the worldwide blergusphere: Katy Perry – American Dream.

Q Describe yourself and your sound to the few unfortunate people who have never heard your tunes.

A Electrofunk is the best way to describe it. Tyring to bring the fun back to the dancefloor. If you would describe my music in 1 word it would be something like “mmmhhwwwwéééééérrrrmmmfffffffaaaah!!”

Q I’ve seen a lot of hilarious things happen to Djs at clubs, any memorable moments you would like to share?

A I guess the dinosaur incident. I was playing at a dress up party and, like anyone knows, there can only be one dinosaur at every party. So I announced via all sorts of digital ways that I would be the dinosaur.

So I arrive at the party as a sweet looking T-rex and all of a sudden I see someone in a Plateosaurus suit coming towards me looking extremely angry. And he’s like “What the L dude, why are you looking like a T-rex..?! Everyone knows there can only be one dinosaur!!!” So I got a bit angry and explained that I promoted my suit via all sorts of ways and ended with “can’t you read or something?” He said “no.” and i lol’d and moved on.

Q Why do you think girls love Djs?

A I dont know… could use some more groupie love really.

Q Who inspires you, Sir 909?

A Nicolas Jaar, Treasure Fingers, Tensnake, Armand van Helden… to name a few. I also like the aussie guys a lot! Bag raiders, Moonchild, Cassian, Shazzam. Very inspiring guys!

Q If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

A Paul Kalkbrenner. We could make some serious spaceshit together.

Q Favourite Daft Punk track?

A Revolution 909 of course! Or maybe Too Long… or Digital Love… Face to Face maybe..? No definitely Make Love. Though Something About Us is awesome as wel…

Oh I have the same problem with choosing my favourite. Those guys are amazing!

Q Tell us the tale about how you started making music?

A It was a sunny day in July. I was dozing off in a park in Amsterdam and suddenly saw a cloud passing by with Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond on it. Their heads where silver, their suits white and they were wearing sunglasses. They told me that music could sound a lot better with me so I decided to dedicate my life to it.

Q When are you coming to Australian shores to treat us with your magical stylings?

A I really hope to do so soon! Had a lot of aussies asking me when I’ll be there but someone has to book me first you know… Any promotors in tha house reading this? 😉

Quinten 909 – You’re My Friend

Quinten 909 Soundcloud

Quinten 909 Facebook

If you can’t get enough 909 into you, look out for his upcoming EP to be released on March 22 on Foktop Records, and have a listen here

– Kish

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