Coupons: Interview by Kish
February 18, 2011, 11:08 PM
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They are the hottest thing doing the blog rounds since custom CSS. Here is my interview with a little band from Sydney, called Coupons who are blowing up big in Europe.

Q So tell me, are you guys avid bargain hunters or have coupons books been good to you in the past? Whats the story behind the name?

A The real story is boring, It just seemed like a blank canvas of a name that we could shape into a Viking sex god riding atop a dolphin.

To people who have never heard of your music before, in a couple of sexy words, describe what exactly ‘dreamrave’ is?

A We want every song we write to soundtrack making out with a pretty girl in a sun-dress, while riding Falkor from the Neverending Story.

Q Do you think there is something distinctive about Australian music that makes ripples in international waters, or is that hole in the ozone doing wonderful things to muso’s brains?

Without discounting the ozone hole theory, however ludicrous it may be, you’re completely right.

Q How did being signed to Discotexas come about?

A Honestly, it was a direct reaction to our frustration with Australian music labels. We were getting great feedback out of Europe, and the labels around here wouldn’t even reply to our emails.
We sat down and emailed our favourite internationals and Discotexas were all like “Oh yeah, we love that track, we heard it in a club on the weekend.” Which is pretty much the best sentence ever for an unsigned artist.

I’m a big fan of Moullinex, out of 10, what would you rate his amazing moustache?

A A wonderous entity indeed, to speak of it will only disperse it’s magic.

What can we expect from you guys now that you’ve hit the big times and have gotten props from guys like Russ Chimes and remixed by cats like Xinobi?

A Well <plug> We’re taking over Adult Disco in Sydney on the 5th of March, so expect us and a select crop of friends to entice you to new levels of partying down </plug>.
Post-disco-superparty-and-ultra-tour-of-hot-clubs-nation-wide, we’ll spend time polishing more tracks, be assured the Coupon’s vault of bright ideas is moist with ideas and triumphs. Look for some new remixes out soon.

Who inspires you guys?

This cat that lives outside our balcony, he/she spends at least 8 hours a day laying on a BBQ. We call it BBQ cat, and we can all learn a lot from him/her. The other day I saw it chase a Labrador.
Inspirations that are less cat-like include contemporaries such as Moullinex, (did you hear the Chocolat EP? Damn) we like the moustache solo on “Tear Club.” Our bro Xinobi, you are bad-ass and consistently our most played artist at gigs. Anything on Sincerely Yours but mostly the Tough Alliance/CEO. Oh and we can’t forget Tanlines, those guys are kool.

And finally, at my house party, since you’re driving there, who is on the decks, who is invited, who is throwing up in the corner, and who is making out in my bedroom upstairs?

A We’re driving motorcycles listening to the Top Gun soundtrack, you’re setting up the decks for BBQ cat. Everyone else is upstairs taking turns vomiting on/making out with Moullinex’s moustache.

Coupons Soundcloud

Xinobi Soundcloud

Moullinex Soundcloud

Tanlines Myspace


– Kish

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