Hate or Masturbate: Summadayze Edition by Kish
January 3, 2011, 6:01 PM
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I’m not one to do a lengthy review on a gig I go to. Quite frankly, I don’t read them, so I don’t write them. I just like to simply rave about how good something was, or rant about how pathetically crap it was. I like to keep things about as simple as whether the night was worthy of hate, or so good it will make you masturbate.

Summadayze @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Jan 1

Erol Alkan, 2pm
Played an amazingly good set. The sound sucked balls, but he was dropping some awesome tunes. Shit got intense we he played ‘Waves’. It was a really good first act to see, and an amazing warm up for my journey across the universe…

Verdict: Masturbate

Justice, 3pm
I never ever thought I’d actually say this about Justice, but I was kind of disappointed. Earlier in the day, while I was waiting for Erol to start, I saw Xavier and Gaspard and refrained from inappropriately touching them. After their set… I felt a bit ‘meh’.  Their mixing was average despite playing a couple cool tracks. I still love them.

Verdict:  A little bit of hate…and if I’d masturbate.. I would not finish

Boys Noize, 4:30pm
Wow. I guess seeing Mr Ridha, all the way back in March, I had forgotten how amazing he was, and amazing he remains to be. Awesome mixing, awesome tracks, massive vibe, crowd was losing their shit and he i just so much fun to watch. It would have been so much better at night though

Verdict: Masturbate

Breakbot, 6pm
He was just chillin out, romancin, relaxin all cool playing some rad choons and getting the crowd wild. I totally loved the way everyone got that “omgnowayhejustdidthat” look on their faces when he dropped one of his own tracks. Babin!

Verdict: Masturbate

Chromeo, 9:30pm
Ask anyone who saw me after seeing Chromeo – I could not shut up up about how amazing they were. Their performance blew me away. P-Thugg was the coolest dude, Macklovitch was seriously suave, and their musical talent oozed all over the crowd like a venereal disease. The crowd kept chanting “Chrom-e-oh eee-oh” which also got me feeling randy.

Verdict: Masturbate

All in all, an amazingly rad, but very tiring day. I went to the afterparty and saw Breakbot again cos I could. That guy couldn’t disappoint if he tried. Best act of the day? Hands down, Chromeo.

Chromeo – Momma’s Boy <- ♥♥♥

Hott 22 – Something Real <- ♥♥

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