Tops off 2010 by Kish

I’m a little late in the game but I had to sit and wait around just in case there were any amazing releases before the end of 2010! Its extremely hot in Melbourne today and I chose to wore heels, so my feet are sweaty and I’m highly uncomfortable. However it is my blerging duty to do one of these posts. No, the title of the post isn’t an error…. it was more a loljoke. But seriously, here are my lists for Tops of 2010 😉

Best Live Acts/Sets of 2010

To be honest, I can barely wrap my head around how many acts I saw this year. From festivals, to sold out concerts, it was difficult for me to leave out The Prodigy, Busy P, Classixx and Boys Noize off the list… only extending it for my lover, Uffie.

6. Uffie @ Roxanne Parlour
8/10 It only lasted what felt like 15 minutes, because she was too hungover to keep going, but those were a pretty awesome 15 minutes. She got all the girls to go on stage as she sang ‘Hot Chick’ (my favourite) and was a total hot bitch the entire time. Love you Uff.

5. Phoenix @ Festival Hall
9/10 Ask anyone who has seen these guys live, they will tell you that they are possibly one of the most amazing live acts they have seen. Everything was perfect, albeit being drunk… perfect nonetheless. Love Like A Sunset gave me goosebumps

4. 2manydjs @ The Palace
9/10 This happened January 1. Their live show, had me dancing till i was sa sweaty I needed a hefty shamwow to clean me up. They turned up wearing suits, like the suave beings they are, teared shit a part and left. They left behind a massacre as a result of dropping massive tunes like their Soulwax remix of Justice, and ending the night with Nirvana.

3. Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard the Venue
9/10 They seem like such lovely guys. Also seemed extremely humbled by the crowd even being there which was sa cute. They played an amazing set, throwing in songs I hadn’t heard before, and there’s nothing better than going to a gig and hearing unreleased material.

2. Breakbot @ Roxanne Parlour
9/10 Breakbot plays amazing sets. This was the first time I had seen him, and definitely not the last. His mixing is impeccable, his song selectin is babin and everything, from the crowd’s vibe, to the drunken antics I witnessed were superb. Plus I got the best mack of my life that night. Rad time were definitely had.

1. The Strokes @ Festival Hall
10/10 There is one band I have always said, if they were to come down, I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on and would go to even if I had to on my own. And that, kids, is what happened. The Strokes got sold out in something ridank like 20 minutes, so I had to buy an overpriced ticket and go on my own. I couldn’t have done it any other way. Most amazing experience ever. Julian Casablancas’ voice = divine.

Best Tracks of 2010

5. Aniki – Lesbian Bondage Fiasco
When I first blogged this track, I got so many visits to the blerg because of the weird shit people were googling… but hopefully they got the raddest surprise of their life when they heard this song… or at least a mild disappointment when my blog was lesbianless.

4. Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2
So gutted I missed them when they played on NYE 😦 This was a song I think I can safely say that most people would regard as an anthem on 2010. Catchy, upbeat and just fucking awesome. The French do well for themselves.

3. Quinten 909 & Mayhem – Closer To Me
Ah, if I was going to be a real pedantic fucker, and make a list for everything, including my favourite object of 2010, it would be the talkbox, mostly because of Chromeo and this song here. Soooooooooooooo soo so good.

2. Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours
I feel like I don’t even need to explain myself here. Everytime this song is dropped (only ever heard this done by the man himself.. 3 times thus far haha) it has gotten the most amazing response, mostly because it is absolutely amazing.

1. Koobra – Its You
The tastiest tune I have heard all year. Hands down. Jus sayin, if i was an mp3, i would reproduce with the mp3 of this song… and er make a jpeg or something.

Tied with….

1. Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance
I think this song has the same vibe as Baby I’m Yours. Its hard to dislike, its hard to refrain from dancing to, its hard to not sing along to and its hard to be sad at all when listening to it. Yum.

**for download links.. go to Futuristic Silence on da facebewks here**

Best Albums of 2010

5. Chromeo – Business Casual

This isn’t as wonderfully amazing as Fancy Footwork but still delivers the goods like Chromeo always do. There is heaps of talkboxing goodness, suave lyrics and even a song sung entirely in French. David Macklovitch knows how to get girls tingly, and does it ever so casually. This is definitely one of the best of the year.

Chromeo – J’ai Claqué La Porte
Chromeo – Night by Night

4. Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus is no doubt a pioneer in music – whether you agree or not, we can all agree that he is doing shit we ain’t even heard of mayn. I first fell in love with him when a friend introduced me to his Oizo $tunt$ remix which blew me away. This album is another masterpiece by the intriguing man. The glittery sounds mixed with the fucked up beats = wow. I want to live inside his brain.

♫ Flying Lotus feat. Thom Yorke – ….And The World Laughs With You

3. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Two Door Cinema Club would have to be my favourite discovery of 2010. My good blog friend Nico from Random Trax introduced me, and I have never looked back. There is not one song on this album I do not enjoy. I used to play it on repeat while driving like a maniac early in the summer, singing along like it ain’t no thang. I also saw them live – fucking awesome!

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

2. Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Not an album… more of of a soundtrack, but you know what, I do what I want, whatever. Daft Punk are Gods to me, and I was so nervous about this being released, only because If they disappointed me, a part of me would die. Instead they insemminated me with their electronic goodness and impregnated me with joy. (Fuck yeah analogies). The only down fall, it was a soundtrack, I want another Daft album!! The movie was amazing and my lady parts became heavy with dew everytime I’d hear Daft.

Daft Punk – Derezzed

1. Chilly Gonzales – Ivory Tower

The best album of the year. Its a mixture of dancey tracks, to feel good music to tracks that make you go “lol”. Last year my favourite track was Chilly Gonzale’s Piano Remake of Waves and this year, he has topped my charts again. Mr Chilly, you sir know what you are doing and goddamn I appreciate that.

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance

Chilly Gonzales – I Am Europe (Claude Von Stroke’s Take A Trip Mix)

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this is a sick list. i cant believe someone else actually listened to chilly’s album. did you see phoenix do Tiny Desk Concert @ NPR? http://wp.me/pDhcz-1s4

great job.

Comment by E

no i haven’t seen that! i’ll check it out.
thanks mn ❤
lots of love

blog list swap?

Comment by Kish

hells yes.
im in the process of putting up a new layout, dont have list right now. will have it in a few days.

Comment by E

Loving the Chilly album. Glad someone likes You Can Dance as much as me. Checking out some of your other tips now… Pete, Brisbane

Comment by Pistola

Awesome dude 🙂 That song is soo so good!

Comment by Kish

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