Hate or Masturbate by Kish

I’m not one to do a lengthy review on a gig I go to. Quite frankly, I don’t read them, so I don’t write them. I just like to simply rave about how good something was, or rant about how pathetically crap it was. I like to keep things about as simple as whether the night was worthy of hate, or so good it will make you masturbate.

Boysnoize Records Night @ Roxanne, Nov 1
with Strip Steve, Das Glow, Rynecologist, Mustard Pimp & Autodidakt

Had an awesome night. The crowd was awesome, the vibe was amazing and the music was off the hizzle. Das Glow and Strip Steve together played a superb set, leaving me asking “where the fuck am i supposed to find these choons!”. I also tried to be Das Glow’s wingwoman for the night, but failed miserably. He didn’t take direction well… I thought my advice was awesome really.

Verdict: Masturbate

Bargain Basement Booty Bar @ Seven, Nov 4
with Go Go Bizkitt!

This is the kind of night I am going to look back at in a few years and think “omg i saw Go Go Bizkitt! for free” because quite frankly, he is going to be huge. He played an amazing set to about 20 people. A shame for him, but unadulterated muscical pleasure for me.

♫ Daft Punk – Technologic (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

Verdict: Masturbate

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