Okay so the deal is… by Kish
May 22, 2010, 10:51 PM
Filed under: Choons

So firstly, I want to apologise for all my links suddenly dying. Dropbox decided my links were getting too much traffic (i’ll take that as a compliment cuntsz) and thought that they’d ‘disable’ all my links indefinitely. So i need a new host…suggestions pleeeeeease!

Oh and I got in a pretty epic car accident and have hurt myself a little bit ): So… I may not post until I am feeling a little better oh and until i find an epic host. Help?

In the meantime here is my photo of Dj Falcon and myself.

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Fileden I told you, Fileden… or zshare, zippyshare… anything’s streaming. If you don’t want to stream, mediafire, yousendit…

Comment by Nico

And listen to the Temper Trap – Rest song over and over, you’ll feel better 🙂

Comment by Nico

Mediafire is a winner for me like.

Comment by Carl

i think Mediafire is a great option. I seldom find links using mediafire to be dead whereas Yousendit, zshare often die. Ushare is another good one.

Comment by Davis

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