Don’t skip this one by Kish

Skipteque is one awesome dude from the UK producing beats so slick that….i can’t come up with something mildly amusing to compare them to (well i was totes going to go for a Fonz joke but it was so bad I decided against it). There really isn’t much info floating around on the interwebs about this dude, so going off the music, I’m going to assume he is rad.

I love the eerie feel to his music, which is other-worldy to say the least. I would say Skipteque’s remixes are very reminiscent of the Apparat set i saw recently. His original productions, while still keeping in the slightly alien-realm of things has a much grittier, heavier feel. ‘All That Glitters’ is almost indescribable, but is still so effing good. The best way to describe this sound is to say its like hearing filthy beats over an empty landscape… the love story of when minimal met bass.

His debut EP is out soon on Get Flavor Records, and this is one release I am looking forward to with more excitement than an indie kid visiting his first op shop.

Skipteque – All That Glitters <-
that drop at 1:05 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and it is simply all CHOON after that point.

Skipteque – Not Given
prime example of when cheese meets minimal. its strange… but i kinda like it. reminds me a little of major lazer, hmm

Delphic – This Momentary (Skipteque Remix) <-
i just want to float somewhere in between marshmallows and heaven while listening to this

Definitely worth taking a squiz at his soundcloud page for more tasty treatsz


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omg, all that glitters is lurrrve but i NEED the link in order to survive *eek* o_o

Comment by j

haha you’ll have to wait till the EP is released!

Comment by kish07

arghhhh, fml

Comment by j

The last two tracks don’t stream/work.
Downloads still do though?

Comment by Andrew

hm i’ll fix it, thanks!

Comment by kish07

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