Sorry baby by Kish

So, where have i been and why aren’t there any posts? Even I don’t know how to answer that. Between getting trashed, losing more phones and playing innebriated Wii, my life has been a little full on and this means my futuristic baby has gone neglected (again). I promise to try harder 🙂

Why am I back? Well… assignment time is here at uni, and that means, i will be here procrastinating my butt off when i should be typing a morbidly boring essay on stuff i couldn’t care less about. Everybody’s happy!

Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with the music world…. so while i catch up, here are some tunes to keep you happy!

Metronomy – Heartbreaker
if you haven’t got this song, you are either a) retarded and don’t belong here or b) are lucky to have stumbled on le Silence de Future for i have saved your soul

Cassius – Hey Babe <-
funk, deep sexy voice, bass, makes me wanna dance. yeah, this is pretty much perfect

ha, remember the Plain White T’s?

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah <-
I remember actually considering changing my name to Delilah when i was 17.

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger – Die (Original Mix)
side note: imagine this playing while having sex. ahaha, whoever is on the receiving end (or giving, i don’t judge) would FLIP out

p.s. i like all the emails and shoutouts telling me to keep blogging, it makes me feel loved, and a little randy…

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I was starting to think you weren’t coming back!
So glad you are.

If the absence has been because you’ve been smoking a shit ton of reefer, then you are forgiven! As said absence is perfectly understandable.
Now give me some choooooons!

Comment by Carl Halligan

haha carl! that is one of the best comments i have gotten on this blerg. i love that i have readers like you ❤
and… yes, you're right on the mark lulz

Comment by kish07

Dear Kish,

Spot on with the Cassius chune. Spot on with the CC chunes. I’m in blove (blog+love) with your musical taste. Where is my milo!?

Sincerely, Julius

Comment by Julius

sudden urge to change the blerg’s name to ‘BLOVAGE’ haha

Comment by kish07

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