Serial killer by Kish

So it has been a little silent around these futuristic parts, but I am back with a vengence. Times got rough, actually, time got sparce, but with the serial killer that is Blogger on the loose, I decided to step up my game. Between uni, being phoneless (yes I lost my phone again) and not even coming home some nights, blogging has been a little hard, but we all enjoy things when they’re a little hard… right? No sexual innuendos intended, but im sure thats where your dirty mind went – shameful.

I’m kind of out of the loop in the choon department, but don’t be afraid, here are some choons that have been keeping me warm while futuristic silence went unloved.

Jammer – Better Than (The Prototypes Remix)

Tegan and Sara – Back In Your Head (RAC Mix) <-

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – You Never Said (Rowald Steyn Remix)

Tunng – Hustle (Bloc Party Remix)

RJD2 – The Shining Path (Alan Wilkis Remix)

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the remixes for the new teagan and sara ep is biz-mental

Comment by Ubbs

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