Looks the goods to set off a fancy footwork dance off by Kish

Despite ‘Punk’ being mentioned, this isn’t about le Daft Punk — but since we’re on the topic, has everyone seen the TRON LEGACY trailer?! Wow it made my genitals very tingly to say the least.

Anyway, this post isn’t about Daft Punk or genitals but is about a very talented duo under the name of Punk Rolla. I don’t remember how I discovered them, but it must have been a musical download frenzy. Before you write this off as an underground find, Punk Rolla is actually something you may be familiar with. Remember Bass Weazal? Well, Will Bailey and Ill Phil decided they weren’t enjoying being pigeonholed as rodents and would fuck up the music scenes like the punks they are.

I grabbed their ‘Future Hits of 2010’ Mixtape off their facebook page, and boy I was so impressed my socks flew right off like they were possessed by some sort of musical sock god. Nice sequeway…

Punk Rolla – Robot Sock

Here are a few more choice tunes off le mixtape, oh, which you would probably want a link to right? I’ll organise that shit right now,

Punk Rolla – The 2010 Future Hits Mixtape <- !!!

Now to the choonsz!

Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive (Original Mix) <-
i have a feeling if you headbang and shuffle enough, you may just get out alive… but you won’t know until you try it.

Harris Robotis – Up All Night (Jaimie Fanatics Legacy Kids Club Mix) <-
the Robotis rarely disappoints me. this is definite club material — looks the goods to set off a fancy footwork dance off

Punk Rolla – Getting Better <-
if Punk Rolla stand for anything, its to get you dancing. that bloopy beat is soo so catchy – well the Beatles are about as catchy as herpes, so makes sense yeah?

Support le Punk Rolla and buy their shit!

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Hello there,

Love your blog and am on it often, I was wondering if you would like an exclusive Calvertron (twocker) Bootleg post? I have a track which was made to go out on a post with Calvertron next relese info..

Is this something you would be interested in?



Comment by Neil

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