Oh IKKI you’re so fine, you blow my mind by Kish

Who the fuck are you IKKI? No, I’m not talking about the Ikki Twins from that terrible MTV show ‘A Double Shot of Love’. I am actually talking about a dude who is producing some epic beats, quite comparable to a guy called SebastiAn. I first blerged about him about a month ago (here) when i heard his remix of The Kiwi’s. I immediately googled IKKI, sussed his Myspace and I guess forgot all about him. Bad move; but luckily Apple created ‘shuffle’ and my ipod threw IKKI’s tricky tracks right at me on the way home today, rekindling my lust, thus this post was born.

IKKI is hard to pigeonhole. He is this filthy mix of metal and electro, very succinctly put on his facebook page as ‘TRASH METAL ELECTRO’. I’m with you buddy and I can’t wait to hear more. Just quietly, he is a sexy Spanish dude – win!

All I have left to say is, get ready to head bang to some filthy, bloopy electro motherfuckersz!

Eternal September – Just Dance (Ikki Remix) <-
oh Lady Gaga fans, beware! this is set to fuck your sense of reality right up

Tenkah – Stalingrad (IKKI remix) <-
you might say this is a little fidgety in a Crookers kind of way… however it successfully doesn’t SUCK!

The Blisters Boyz – Casa 139 (IKKI Remix) <-
33 seconds in and then BAM this song ejaculates all over your face! fuck yeaaaaaaah boi

TV On The Radio – Starting At The Sun (IKKI REMIX ) <-
I like how (relatively) subdued this song starts out. the indie feel wins me over. i love how inevitably nervous i get at every little build up as i wait to be fucked in the ear.

And then, what confuses me the most is his original stuff. Seriously IKKI where do you get off being so versatile? Who do you think you are blowing my mind with tune after amazing tune? By now you would have realised that I am speaking ironically and have only good things to say about what you do IKKI – do not change a thing.

IKKI – Mutandine (Ft. Nina Martine) <- removed
while this isn’t the same thrash fucked up electro you expect, it has a glittery bloopy feel, similar to that of dudes like Classixx, but with a HARDER bassline

IKKI – Ikkicletus <-
and its back to fucking you in the ear! this sounds like john roman attempting to rape a couple of exotic lawn mowers, ya feel?

And if like me, this is not nearly enough IKKI to quench your thirst, head on over to his soundcloud page and stop on over at Beatport to buy his tunesz!


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reeeeeeally nice Kish

i once raped a Flymo and made the noise like ikkicletus

Comment by Scottish Friction

i do not condone rape. gtfo my blog fool!
do you feel the need to headbang catterson?

Comment by kish07

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