Sorry did i interrupt your filthy dancing? by Kish

I haven’t posted much filth on le blerg in recent times.. and I think that is just what I have been missing. With a pretty intense weekend coming up in terms of music and lack of sleep, I think its fair to get us in the mood? Hells yeah.

Oliver Twizt – Headbanger (buy)
i only know how to do the TFU dance to this song.

Rhythm Code – Scorpian (buy)
warning: this is minimal. i  know some people hate minimal tunes, BUT give it a chance.

Dapayk – Beutekunst auf 20khz (buy)
when you say the title of the song outloud, it sounds like your saying “beaut cunt”. that alone makes it into this list. such a filthy fucked up tune!

Sharam Jey – Army Of Men (feat. Cornelia) (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) (buy)
it is mandatory to have Dirty Disco Youth playing on loud speakers with glowsticks, dont ask why – it just is.

Peaches – Mommy Complex (buy)
a little Freudian tune by the ever strange, Peaches

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scorpion makes my heart hate rapid.

Comment by julius

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