Impromptu music lessons by Kish
February 24, 2010, 1:01 PM
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So, I get a frantic call from my bestest friend eva saying that the girl she was going to the Placebo concert with her has pulled out… and if I could go with her. Hm, I don’t know what ya’ll think of me, but I’m not the biggest Placebo fan around. In fact I have never listened to their music outside of my friends company. But, with a promise of a free ticket and er free substances, who would say no? I thought it’d be a good experience: and what better way of opening yourself to new music than doing it live! That’s class.

The crowd was pretty intense looking, but you did get a couple of 15 yr old looking kids wearing too much eyeliner. Everyone was having a good time, but no one was happy about people moving towards the front of the stage. It got nasty, but all in all, I had a good time. And what i appreciated the most was how amazing Brian Molko sounded live: wow. So today’s lesson kids — never pass on free tickets to anything.

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover) (buy)
they didn’t play this on the night, but it is essential to any music collection


Placebo – Taste In Men (buy) <-
the lyrics in this song are just so so good


Placebo – Protege Moi (buy) <-
wow, they played this and it was amazing live. the incorporation of french is just beautiful!


And if you can get your hands on their track titled ‘Soulmates’, it is amazing.


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