Feeling randy by Kish

Mondays are bleak man. Especially when you’re working. I am working a ridiculous amount of hours this week (ha i only work part-time…I am going to suck at having a full time job) and I’m just not looking forward to it. What I am looking forward to is the week that proceeds this one — THE PRODIGY and FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL. Awesome times shall be had. But for now, here is an assortment of choons that should keep you going until we meet again…

Tensnake – Congolal (buy) <-
Tensnake have kinda crept up on me.. and in a big way. I love their funky sound and I am just a hop, skip and crump away from becoming a full fledged fan. Plus its kinda cool that my last name is in the song title.. o0o0o mysteriesz

Pardon My French – NY City Girl (check them out) <-
The rummage through le email is so worth it when you find RAD sounds like this. So chill, funky and could get a crowd dancing hand in hand for sure.

Zev – Forget The World feat. Beckford (buy) <-
wah-wah-wee-wah! those vocals hit me some place deep. Monday anthem? methinks so. Funk funk funk funk.

N/A featuring Rosina – Fables And Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix) (buy) <-
oh if all these songs have one thing in common,  it is that they’re all AMAZING. Deniz Kurtel, i am a slace to your sound. This song is a trip in itself, very nice, winding down music you should accompany with some off beat dancing and your beverage of choice.

Hope your Mondays are slightly crappier than mine so i can feel somewhat superior…. ha I’m going to hell.



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Ha! How appropriate for your site.. I stumbled upon the brilliance that is Tensnake after checking out the FUTURE disco compilations!

Comment by MisterBside

Ha, yeah I’m falling in love with Tensnake pretty fast! Thanks for dropping by MrBside…. I’m almost tempted to call you Mr Brightside

Comment by kish07

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