I’m feeling a little Ritzy by Kish

Heard of Thony Ritz? He’s this rad dude, who I’ve unfortunately taken way too long to discover! Like most good things, Ritz is a Frenchman, and has some epic skills when it comes to creating electro-french bleep and bloops that will caress and seduce your musical heart. If you’re a fan of funk, FILTER HOUSE, disco or just anything that will get you dancing, get awwwwwwn it!

Ritz just released his High Future EP in January, so if you like what you hear, head on over here and buy it!

Thony Ritz – What I Am
so much funk, so much grit, fuck yeah.


Thony Ritz -What I Am (Louis La Roche Remix)
a pretty sweet mix, but who am i kidding? the original wins.


Thony Ritz – Overdrive <-
the first 30 seconds of this song are pure FILTH. I cant even keep still when i listen to this


Thony Ritz – High Future <-
when i heard this song… i knew I’d be a fan of Mr. Ritz for a very very long time

So as tempted as I am to link you to Thony Ritz’s entire discography, I won’t, because artists need to smoke weed and eat too. Support the artist or risk becoming impotent via the wrath of God.

Stay sexy,



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uh huh, audio orgasm. thank you <#

Comment by julius

haha, you didn’t just <# at me.
so great

Comment by kish07

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