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January 13, 2010, 11:05 PM
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I’m really impressed by Boys Noize’s staying power. Considering Riddha is only 26, and has arguably conquered the world, when most djs just fizzle away, going down in history as a one hit wonder, he is pretty amazing. Sure, he’s had his crappers but he still has his bangers. I hope he sticks around for his sake and ours. I guess all I am saying is that he is a little underrated, simply because everyone thinks he is overrated.

I have experienced one of his live sets earlier on in his career and it wasn’t as impressing as I think he will be now. So, keep the choons coming and don’t forget Australia in your conquests Kid Alex!

♫ Boys Noize – Drummer
♫ Editors – You Don’t Know Love (Boys Noize Remix) released Jan 25!

p.s. how did you enjoy Triple J’s radio broadcast of 2manydjs vs LCD Soundsystem…which was more like 2manydjs drinking w/ LCD Soundsystem. I thought it was raaad and they played some FRESH tunes. If you haven’t heard it yet, get awn it!


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Ahh!!! My recording of this messed up!!
I was looking for this everywhere!! Thanks so much for the link!!
Soo Goooood!

Comment by Nick

haha no worries dude. lost my shit when they dropped high together!

Comment by kish07

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