Is Oizo dead? Are you sure? by Kish
January 8, 2010, 11:05 AM
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Oh Monsieur Wahzo, what happened? Is Cheetas a joke? Like… in all honesty, its not the worst thing I’ve heard, Miley Cyrus takes care of that department. But, no matter what crazy piece of music Oizo produces, i’m always left either in love or inspired to the workings of that man’s mind. Unfortunately this does neither. It sounds like a bad mashup. 😦

Lets all agree to pretend this never happened and it just might go away. Hopefully it was just a result of a bad hangover and 2010 is magical… or Oizo is 2010’s Bloody Beetroots :|I’m sure you’ve heard it on the interwebsz, but just incase you haven’t…

♫ Mr Oizo – Cheetas


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Just to say, SebastiAn – Threnody and Mr.Oizo – Cheetas were part of the Edbanger XMas Gift 2010, which was free, and actually, a big joke from the crew… 🙂 they never miss a possible joke! And it seems they have succeeded, every blogger is thinking “oh crappy, new SebastiAn album is gonna be the shit” and every blogger will be amazingly surprised when it’s out !

PS : Mr.Oizo spent the whole year shooting his next movie… how to find the time to make good music? 😉

Comment by Nico

Ah, you make a good point Nico. How learned you are.

Comment by kish07


Comment by Ed B Kids

-.^ babeh

Comment by kish07

1st time I’ve v isited your blog?beneficial find! Thanks.

Comment by Alesha Langerman

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