Fuck off 2009 by Kish
December 31, 2009, 3:15 PM
Filed under: Choons

I hope you all had epic Christmasesz (mine was boring… but we got my dog to wear his santa costume lulz) and a sliiick and messed up New Years. The Silence will be back in 2010.

Keep it slick, Kish.


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Lucky girl, my NYE will be a dinner with 2 friends then a few drinks in a bar then sleeping then waking up eaaaarly to go to work… How to well begin a new year! haha

Comment by Nico

haha i had to work too! came home at 7am and went to work at 10am. almost died!

Comment by kish07

came home at 2am and woke up at 7am, was ok 🙂

Comment by Nico


Comment by julius

alkan AND aeroplane? jealoussss.

Comment by kish07

2manydjs finishing with Nirvana. Epic much?

Awesome night.

Comment by lecalvin

duuuude! i was losing my shit! 2manydjs totally blew my mind.

Comment by kish07

did proxy go off? luckyyyyy.

i was outside getting drenched by the storm that came out of nowhere. but, i managed to re-arrange the sound of the raindrops into some maaaaaaaad music. so night well spent.

Comment by RARCHE

lol what did you do coulson? rearranging raindrops into music? sounds like you were at hogwarts rather than melbourne.

ahh it was pretty dead by the time proxy came on, but what a HEAVY set. i managed to get a few short vids, ill throw them up on here in due time.

Comment by kish07

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