Time for a change by Kish
December 21, 2009, 10:50 AM
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So I totally got sick of the way things were looking around here. Team that with a lazy Sunday = new look bro. So i used every photoshop skill known to me, and gave this place a new coat of paint. What do ya’ll think? Epic fail and retreat to my past or? EDIT: no one liked it… do you at least approve of my new header 😐

For the meantime, here is a SLICK tune I found. Usually, I’m posting remixes by Fred Falk-a-roo, but this time, i opted for The Falke being remixed. I was a bit wary when I was about to take a listen… but wow. This does not disappoint!

♫ Fred Falke – Back To Stay (VanGuard Remix) <–


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i think there’s been a mixupz. when i was last on it was all wordpress defaulty. obv hadnt seen ur sexy new design – think the other guy saw the same. anyway – ❤ the new look AND the new header fo sho

Comment by Scottish Friction

haha i changed the theme to the default one, then i changed it back cos you broke my heart </3

Comment by kish07

i thought it looked cool and minimal tech. haha

Comment by kish07

replace the word ‘cool’ with ‘shite’ and ‘tech’ with ‘effort’ LOOOOOOOL

Comment by Scottish Friction

[…] Time for a change « FUTURISTIC SILENCE […]

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okay buddy, i got the hint 😛

Comment by kish07

I agree with Scottish… but your header is AwEsOmE! Make me the same 🙂

Comment by Nico

ha ❤ thanks
well.. if you're serious about the header. send through some ideas for me to work with an i'll make something up.

i'm not very skilled though haha

Comment by kish07

dig the header.

Comment by julius

thanks dude

Comment by kish07

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