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Although I am a blogger, it doesn’t mean I spend all day here on the laptop concocting posts for ya’ll. Christmas is coming up, end of year celebrations and all that jazz, and I won’t really have time to be postin’. So… I am going to start my end of the year specialsz right about now. I decided to leave ‘songs of the year’ till last to keep you in epic suspense, because thats how I get my kicks. Here are my top 5 albums of the year…

1. Miike Snow – Miike Snow (released October)

Wow, just to think a year ago we would all probably ask “What the hell is a Miike Snow?” This album is produced really well. Every song contributes, and it is always absolutely lovely to find an album without ‘time fillers’. When ‘Animal’ first started floating around, I avoided it like a urine drenched hobo, but I finally gave in, took a listen and there and then my love was born. ‘Burial’ is another great track. This album is perfect, with remixes by just about anyone, in absolutely any style that tickles your fancy. I cannot wait to hear more from Miike Snow in the next decade!
♫ Miike Snow – Black & Blue

2. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus (released May)

From the first time I heard ‘1901’, I just knew I was going to fall heavily in lust with whoever was responsible for this fabulous choon.  Phoenix’s sound was so refreshing amongst the house and electro I had submersed myself in. This album stands up strongly even amongst their indie peers. It is epic task to find a song that you may have even a slight disdain towards. Having heard a few live recordings from the guys, I have a great respect for what they do — making really fucking awesome music!
♫ Phoenix – Girlfriend <–

3. Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away (released March)

Tech and minimal tech have never really been my kind of thang. I have just never been able to understand how anything that is synonymous with ‘insignificance’ can be considered beautiful and inspiring, or even listenable. When I hear this album, all that changed. Gui Boratto single-handedly has changed my view on minimal tech. Every song on here is a work of art, and everything he continues to produce is ah-mazing! This album was seriously underappreciated in the charts. I remember the first time i showed my friend ‘No Turning Back’ and her jaw dropped. This girl is into Flo Rida for pete’s sake, and even she fell in love. Gui Boratto, two thumbs up buddy!
♫ Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away <– wow, 5:20 onwards, it’ll blow those eyebrows right off your pretty little face

4. The Whitest Boy Alive – Rules (released February)

The first time I was introduced to The Whitest Boy Alive, i found them kind of bland. Somehow, through the magic of time and maturity, I took another listen.. and another, and then a few more. Now? I am whole-heartedly and emphatically in love. The vocals, the mellow mood, the lyrics, everything. Erlend Øye is an amazing guy, dabbling in more things than a multiple-limbed Hindu god could poke a stick at.
♫ The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage <–

5. Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourslef (release January)

A couple days after the full album was released, Charles Cooper, one half of TTA was found dead. This just breaks my heart, to think that such a talented guy, who was on the verge of celebrating ridiculous success was taken away ): His death just makes this album even more beautifully haunting when you listen to it. The lyrics confound me but are just so well written that you cannot help but appreciate something you can’t even begin to understand. ‘You Are The Worst Thing In The World’ is absolutely beautiful and should be owned by everyyyyyyyone!
♫ Telefon Tel Aviv – The Birds <–


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have you heard the juan mac lean’s album?

Comment by K.S

hmm i actually haven’t dude. i’ll check it out 🙂

Comment by kish07

nice list – i can see i’ve got a few albums to get my teeth into

Comment by Scottish Friction

Ha, happy to expand your music library breh

Comment by kish07

I would have invert Miike Snow with Phoenix, to me Phoenix is number 1 🙂
I haven’t heard Gui Boratto’s album yet but I love No Turning Back and Beautiful Life so much.

Comment by Nico

Well I can tell you that Gui Boratto’s album is pretty epic! Definitely recommend it to you.

Oh I’m so excited about seeing Phoenix live!

Comment by kish07

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