Calling this siq by Kish

We all love calling in sick at work — its the second best excuse to “personal problems” but i doubt we all measure up to this level of awesomeness when we do chuck a sickie.

Calling in Sick are these two awesome dudes from NSW, Australia. They have one slick sound which is so dirty and french, I can’t believe they’re not butter. Seriously though, if you have been living under a rock and haven’t gotten a taste of these guy’sz music, you are definitely missing out. Its very hard to pigeon hole into a genre, but “awesome” will suffice.

Warning: The basslines on these songs are so filthy you may contract some form of HIV (but its totes worth it)

♫ Calling in Sick – Belgrave 2 <–
fucking slick as dick. all that scratching teamed with guitar riffs and bloops. i think i just blew a load.

♫ Calling in Sick – Cali Sound <–

and just incase that left you salivating for moaaarrrr

♫ Grafton Primary – All Stars (Calling in Sick Remix) <–
oh my lord that bass… that BASS 😐

♫ Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Calling in Sick Remix)<–

♫ Shitdisco – 72 Virgins (Calling in Sick Remix)<–
so upbeat and awesome, those vocals are mint

♫ Mr Oizo – Patrick 122 (Calling in Sick Remix)<–

I seriously cannot fathom how every original track, every mix up, every mash up from these boys are perfect?! And the best bit? There is more out there on the interwebs. I promise.


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