And you’re great to be around by Kish
December 12, 2009, 11:19 AM
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Wow. Ever heard a song that made you just want to tell EVERYONE about it? You have it on repeat for hours on end and you still don’t feel like you’ve heard enough of it. Its the kind of song you yearn to hear during an epic choon drought. It’s so goddamn good that you want to plaster facebook with its lyrics.

Get where I’m going with this? This song has absolutely blown my socks off, and has automatically made it into my top 10 for this year! Everything about this song is epic. The mellow intro, the sax, the suspense at the start for when the beat will kick in………<3

Gonzales – Slow Down (Minitel Rose Fast Dance Remix) <–LVE


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great find Kishhhhh! ❤

have been meaning to say this for a while but i love your choice of images in your posts. (:

Comment by Scottish Friction

oh James thank you 🙂 i’m glad you appreciate me and my picture finding skillz. jpeg kiiiing, ha.

Comment by kish07

[…] And you're great to be around « FUTURISTIC SILENCE […]

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