Mixed Shake by Kish

I went out last night with some friends for milkshakes. I am still feeling ill and it has been in excess of 12 hours since the consumption of this death shake. What the fuck?! So I didn’t go to uni on account of me feeling like a shitshake.

Its quite exciting that its getting to the end of the year, which means CHOONSZ OF THE YEAR charts will be everywhere.I have a fetish for looking at what songs people crown as their favourites, so you can converse, disagree and laugh at their shit taste in music. Because I have no doubt people will be dubbing fail songs like “Sexy Bitch” as their choon of the year.

In aniticipation for the end of the year I have been grabbing at songs like I have rabies and only days to live – because the worst thing next to dying of rabies, is finding out you missed out on a banger during the year!

Moguai – Lyve (Original Mix)
Not for the impatient types who are likely to yell “where is da filth at bro?”. This song is beautifully made, with smooth progressions and a deep bassline. Noice

Fear of Tigers – Sirkka
Blew my tiny little mind. What a banger!  Euphoric, uplifting, sounds like summer epitomized. And get this, you can grab the album for FREE.

Amanda Blank – Shame on Me (Yuksek Remix)
Yuksek seriously can do no wrong. Possibly my favourite remixer of the year. Devastated I was bound to crutches when he came down here in August.

Bill Eff – Hate You
Well, this was released ages ago, so it can’t make my Annual Choon Chart, but its still worth shuffling to.


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