I got a medical certificate though….*badoom tishh* by Kish
November 25, 2009, 10:49 PM
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Sorry for being lazy with the posts, don’t hate me. I’ve been busy doing nothing, drooling after 5 thousand dollar Chanel bags and spending obscene amounts of money on stuff i don’t really want on ebay.

I haven’t listened to a lot of music the past couple days either, thus the lack of choonage. But wooow, stumbled on this gem and my heart flew. Can’t be fucked checking out if its old or new because I’m fat lazy and tired. Minty fresh stuff, honestly. I’m usually not this in love with music that lacks in vocals, but you almost forget that when you listen to it.

♫ Calling In Sick – Belgrave 2 <–synthy, guitarry, bassy, wowy!


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hey, extensive blog here. normally i don’t cut d understand comments or situate on these sites but i could know scold you got some modish people on this blog. I’m also into the make beats upset or music furor so this is uncommon for me. because of a mass dark prevent up the positive work.

Comment by Mallitrasiorn

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